January 28th, 2017


Girl, I wanna take you to IKEA

The pain in my left knee is getting worse. I can walk and flex my knee, but it just bothers me. I might go visit the health center after I return from my grandmother’s.

Today me and Mirette went to visit one of the IKEA department stores in the metropolitan area. We took a train to Stick City and then the bus %&” to the aforementioned IKEA, and headed to the restaurant.
Mirette got spaghetti Bolognese, I got French fries and a cinnamon roll. Mirette’s father arrived later to meet us.

We bought a mattress for Mirette’s new bunk bed, a box of felt- tip pens, and two sets of colourful butterfly- shaped wall decal stickers. We also visited the grocery shop to buy a bag of salted crisps, three raspberry juice boxes, and a box of chocolate- covered marshmallows.

I valiantly carried the rolled- up mattress on my arms to the bus stop. We took the same bus to Mellu’s Hill, then a subway to Heart Cape, and once at Mirette’s home, we had some treats, and I took the mattress out of the package and put it to Mirette’s bed. Mirette put the butterfly stickers on her wall.

Later the day we headed back to my home, on our way there I called my mom and asked her if I can come over for about an hour or so. She said it’s alright.
We both got off at Mole Hill, Mirette went to my home and I caught the bus %/! to Troll Mountain.

Both of my parents were home. Mom gave me 20 euros and shaved off the scruff on my neck, to make it look neater. I had coffee and green grapes, and surfed on the Internet on my mother’s laptop.

Later the day I caught the bus #%% to Mole Hill, and went to the department store to buy a box of panty liners, two boxes of Kleenexes, two bottles of shampoo, five tubes of toothpaste, and something else I don’t remember right now.

Once back at my home, Mirette was already there. I put the hygiene products to their rightful places, cooked a supper, and then it was time to take my evening medicine and go to bed.