January 29th, 2017


Blessed Sunday

I had a dream where I checked into this amazing five- star hotel for one night, and went shopping during daytime. The hotel and shopping center were built right in the middle of low- income suburbs that turned into Silent Hill kind of ghost town when I went to investigate.
Then I went back to the shopping mall, and visited a shop where I bought a new My Little Pony Goes Rock hoodie. I already have one like that, but it’s about two sized too small, fraying at the sleeves, and has holes under the arms, and it has been washed so many times that the pony prints look more like stains.
In another dream I was living with my parents, they had furnished a cozy little room for me. My friend Mirette was there as well, and the grandmother, whom I am visiting next week, was having tea with her.

This morning I got up at ten o’clock, which is moderately early in my standards.
I took my morning medicine, dabbed lotion on my face, and dressed up.
I washed a load of laundry, and took out the trash. I also folded my dresses and skirts and put them neatly into the cupboard, usually I just ball them up and shove them inside.

I called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I come for a visit, she said it’s alright.
We have agreed that I visit my mother every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

I caught the bus %&% to Troll Mountain. My mother was at home, and my dad was working. What a tough old codger, this year he will be 60 years old and he still goes to work almost every day!

I made some coffee and ate the rest of the couscous my mother had cooked for lunch, she also warmed me some frozen peas in the microwave. For dessert I had soft cookies with raspberry jelly filling and chocolate coating, and also some green grapes.

I was surfing on the Internet on my mother’s laptop when my dad came home.

Later the day I decided to go back to my own home. I kissed and hugged my mom goodbye, and told her I am coming again on Tuesday. She promised to give me some extra money for my journey to my grandmother’s home.

I caught the bus %/! to Mole Hill, and then went to the Big Mole shopping center.
Mirette was there as well, she was having iced tea at Starbucks. We went to Arnold’s, where she bought herself a bagel.
We went to Hennes & Mauritz, then to the stationery shop, and then to Flying Tiger.

I planned my Valentine’s day party; I will serve marshmallows and chocolate confections, along with cocoa and tea and coffee.

Once back at my home, I did some random odd jobs and tidied up, and planned for next month’s calendar.

I warmed some soup in the microwave oven, ironed the laundry, and packed my stuff for my visit to grandmother’s.

Tomorrow I will call the local pharmacy and ask them if they have received the coupon which I can use to buy the medicine I need, because tonight I will take the last dose.
I know I should have done the paperwork earlier, but mistakes do happen. Here’s to hoping I will actually be able to buy more of the medicine; I will go to the pharmacy as early as possible, and take my morning medicine right there and then deal the medicine into both of my Dosetts.
If not, tough luck.