January 31st, 2017


Choose your own adventure!

I had a really funny dream about those interactive "choose your own adventure" online games; I designed a game with really bad MSPaint graphics, with choices like "You have received 20,000 euros from the mafia boss. Will you squander it all on beer, or a used Lada?" and "You arrive to the secret fishing hut, but the door is locked. Will you kick the door down, or use a secret code read from the bottom of a vodka bottle to open the door?"

I took my anti- depressants in the morning, and called the pharmacy right after. I asked the pharmacist if I have received the voucher for purchasing the medicine I cannot afford to buy on my own.
The pharmacist told me that the social security institution called the pharmacy and told them that I won’t receive a voucher, instead they have deposited the amount of money for buying the medicine into my bank account.
I logged into my bank account in the online bank service, and what do you know, I hadn’t received the money.
I spent most of the day calling the pharmacy and the social security institution and my mother, hoping they would sort those things out.

Today I received a package in the mail. Tt was the book I had ordered from Amazon.co.uk a few weeks ago; Teenage Survival Guide: Book about Life, Love, and Caring for the Planet by Marina Baker. I know I am not a teenager anymore, but I loved that book when I was a teenager, and it still makes me happy.

I spent most of the day in bed, watching student- made Stargirl book trailers and Dr Sandra Lee’s cyst- popping videos, trying to keep myself calm and content so I wouldn’t trigger a psychosis.

In the afternoon I put on some clothes, a stripy shirt and a pair of Care Bears pyjama pants, and went to the shopping mall to buy myself an iced espresso and look at the new selections in my favourite shops.

In the evening Mirette came home, we talked a bit and surfed on the Internet on our respective laptops.
Then we went to the shopping mall and visited the department store to buy something to eat and drink.

Tomorrow morning the first thing to do is to log in to the online bank service to see if the social security workers have kept their promise, and sent me the money so I can pay the medicine.
Me and Mirette will head to the bank to withdraw the money, then visit IKEA to buy another Malfors mattress for her, and then we will take it to Mirette’s home.
I will buy the medicine I need, and then I will go visit my mother. She will give me some extra money for my visit to my grandmother’s.