February 1st, 2017


Updating from my grandmother's ^_^

I stayed awake all night, probably because I hadn’t taken my evening medicine.
Nevertheless, I had a good time; I played Pokémon: RED and managed to acquire EXP.ALL, and catch Zapdos. Here’s to hoping I will catch Chansey, she is my favourite pocket monster ^_^

I got up early in the morning and logged in to the online bank account to see if I had received money, yes I had. I purchased myself omnibus tickets, to Kangaskhan and back.
I’m glad I used the online discount, I got two tickets to Kangaskhan and back on the usual price of one.

I took a shower, dressed up into pretty clothes, and washed a load of laundry.

Mirette was still sleeping when I went to the shopping mall right after it was opened. I bought a little gift for Carol Anne, and some stickers and treats for myself. I also bought four Valentine’s day cards for my friends outside Finland.

I went back home, did some housework and puttered around, and then went to the pharmacy.
Hallelujah, the voucher had arrived there, and I was finally able to purchase a month’s worth of anti- psychotic medicine! I almost jumped up and down with joy.
I dealt the pills into both of Dosetts, and then took my morning medicine and immediately felt myself mellowing out.

I took a train to Stick City, and visited the bank to withdraw the rest of the money.

I took a train back to Mole Hill, and went back home. Mirette was already home from hir own errands.
I wrote some of the Valentine’s day cards; sender’s address, receiver’s address, greetings, and signature. I decided to write the greetings in different addresses according to the receiver’s native language.

I packed some more stuff, and played a little more Pokémon: RED. I managed to acquire Lickitung and Kabuto.

In the afternoon me and Mirette left at the same time. We took a train to Hell City and walked to the omnibus station.
I bought two Shrovetide buns and two bottles of iced espresso for the journey.

My omnibus left at twenty to four o’clock in the afternoon. The bus ride to Kangaskhan went pretty smoothly, it didn’t feel like a long ride at all.

Once at Kangaskhan, dusk had already fallen. I went to my grandmother’s apartment, she greeted me with open arms, and said that my short hair was nice.

We had supper and coffee together, watched the news together, talked a bit about world politics, and after going to bed, I played a little Pokémon.

Tomorrow I will go for a walk in the natural park, and then go to the local art museum, like I always do on the first full day at my grandmother’s. I might also go to the gym in the afternoon.