February 3rd, 2017


The dream must stay alive

Last night I had a dream about my grandfather from my mother’s side; I was watching an old videotape with him and my mother, the one where I was a toddler and run amok on the grassy yard of the summer cottage, wearing a smock that used to belong to my mother’s old childhood doll.
I almost woke up crying because the dream made me feel nostalgic in a bittersweet way.

In another dream I was watching an old grainy 1990’s film about a gang of abandoned children who lived in an old sports hall, and moved everywhere on bicycles. It reminded me of the TV show The Tribe that I used to watch during summer vacations when I was in grade school.

Grandmother had gone grocery shopping early in the morning, I got up after she came home. I’m amazed at how she manages to be active and get up early in the morning, considering that she is over seventy years old and has lots of illnesses.
I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, dabbed lotion on my skin, and had rice porridge with stewed blueberries for breakfast, and coffee after that.

I ironed two of my Dirndl dresses, the purple one and the brown one, I was really glad to see how well grandmother’s old clothes iron worked, better than my own. And the purple dress was pleasantly warm after I put it on.

In the afternoon I went to Kimmo Pyykkö art museum, and then to the local library, there was an art exhibition as well. There were drawings and sculptures and plastic wedding cakes made by students.

I mailed two greeting cards, a name- day card and a birthday card, and then I went back to grandmother’s home.

I helped grandmother with housework, such as dusting carpets and cooking a dinner.

In the evening I went to the local culture center to see a Finnish children’s movie. There were plenty of visitors, mainly kids and their parents and grandparents.
The movie was very sweet and amazing, it cheered me up a lot.

Once back at grandmother’s, I had supper, took my evening medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, changed into nighties, and wrote into my blog before going to bed.

Tomorrow me and grandmother will go to the sauna, and grandmother will make me pancakes and cocoa with whipped cream.