February 4th, 2017


Period panties

Last night I dreamed about the adventures of the eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.
I had also one dream that started nicely, and turned into a nightmare.

Grandmother had gone for a walk when I woke up. I slept till eleven o’clock in the morning, and didn’t bother with having a wash; I just took my morning medicine, dressed up, and dabbed basic lotion on my skin.

I had rice porridge with blueberries for breakfast, and had coffee.

Later the day I went for a walk, but I was feeling moody and the delusions were bothering me. I guess it’s my PMS, according to my calculations I will get my period on the week after next week.

Once back at grandmother’s home, I did the face and neck muscle exercises and also exercised my feet. I will do that once every day.

I watched sports programs on television with my grandmother, and helped her peel some beets for lunch. After lunch she took a catnap and I read books, surfed on the Internet, and knitted.

In the afternoon I went to sauna, grandmother stayed behind to watch the final episode of her favourite TV program.
In the sauna, I washed my hair and scrubbed my body, and after the sauna I dabbed basic lotion on my skin.
Once back at grandmother’s, I clipped my finger- and toenails, plucked the hairs off my chin, big toes, and between my eyebrows. I decided to wear my nightie for the rest of the evening, because I wasn’t going out anymore.

I watched Keeping up Appearances with grandmother, the episode where Hyacinth takes her daddy for a picnic, Rose is dating a Mr Butterfield, and Sheridan wears pyjamas made of pure silk.
Which reminds me, I have get new pyjamas as well, I have been thinking of buying eight pairs of the red- and- white striped Marimekko nightshirts with mid- calf hem. I need ankle socks, preferably Marimekko and Happy Socks, and new panties are fine too, preferably the Doctor Who “period panties”.

At eight o’clock in the evening, I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth, and kissed grandmother goodnight.

Tomorrow I might go for a walk, and finish my knitting.
My omnibus leaves at twenty to six o’clock in the evening (5:40 p.m.). Once back home, it will already be almost nine o’clock in the evening, so I will probably just take my evening medicine, have a wash, dress my bed in fresh sheets, and go to sleep.