February 5th, 2017


Mental dreams

Last night I had a dream where I was in a mental hospital, where I befriended two girls; Polly Clark (the character from Girl, Interrupted) and Pepper the Pinhead (the character from American Horror Story, who was also in a mental hospital). They were both nice to me.
In the dream I met another girl and gave her a box full of assorted gifts; the box was pink, patterned with red hearts, and I had wrapped a pink satin bow around it. There was a plastic sunflower garland bracelet, and some cute monkey stickers. For some reason, the girl was mortally offended and threw the box away, and I picked it up later and gave the gifts to Pepper and Polly, and both loved the gifts!

I thought I had overslept, but it was only half past ten o’clock in the morning when I got up.

I didn’t bother with having a wash; I just took my morning medicine, dressed up, and dabbed lotion on my face.

Grandmother was listening to a religious program on the radio. I helped her dust the carpets and sweep the kitchen floor.

As if the pain in my left knee joint wasn’t enough, now the nape of my neck is aching as well, as if there’s a sharp- ended bone poking into the muscle.

After lunch I went for a walk, even if I was a bit moody because the delusions were bothering me, I managed to walk through the natural park and then to the burial site.

Once back at grandmother’s, she made me pancakes and we had coffee together. I spent the rest of my visit knitting the quilt square, and writing my blog.

Both of my magic ink pens, the navy and the black one, ran out of ink so I couldn’t write my diary. I used grandmother’s lead pencil.

I took a very satisfying dump, because my stomach was a bit upset. Now I feel fine.

Later the evening it was time to leave so I could make it to the omnibus. Grandmother gave me a tenner, I gave her a kiss and hug, and I went to the bus station.
The bus arrived in time, but the driver who was supposed to replace the other driver was late, but I didn’t mind a bit once I was inside the bus, safe and warm and snug in my own seat.

I had brought my laptop and USB dongle inside, and had a good time surfing on the Internet and writing.
I started feeling a bit carsick, so I took my time looking at the landscapes sliding by the window. I knew that in an hour I would be safe at my own home.

Once in Hell City, I visited the supermarket to buy some treats, then I took a subway to the city center and then a train to Mole Hill.

Once back at home, I had not received any mail. I took my evening medicine, played some Pokémon: RED, ate some sandwiches and ice cream, and decided to unload my suitcase tomorrow.

Tomorrow at noon I will call the social worker who is responsible for paying my bills and tell her that from now on, I will pay my bills all by myself.
I will have an appointment with my nurse at the psychiatric center, I will also renew my mood stabiliser medicine prescription, and ask my nurse to book an appointment with the doctor at the health center, I need to have my left knee checked because it aches a lot.
After the appointment, I will go to the pharmacy to purchase the rest of the Solian medicine.
I will go to the gym in the evening, and then I will do some housework.