February 6th, 2017


Gimme gimme gimme shock treatment

I got up before midday, took my morning medicine, and managed to have a proper wash.

Right after dressing up, I went to the supermarket in the shopping mall to buy some iced coffee. I was in a bad mood because the delusions were bothering me.

Later the day I visited the nearest pharmacy to pick up the rest of the anti- psychotic medicine batches, they will make do for three months.

I called my mother and asked her if she could meet me in a couple of hours so she could give me the weekly allowance, we agreed to meet in front of the stationery shop in the shopping mall. She sounded very cheerful, I felt happy for her; when she is happy, I am happy too. That's my mom.

Today was a peculiar day, because I had an appointment with my nurse Sadie at the psychiatric center. It's been over six months since our last appointment.

Once at the psychiatric center, I asked the receptionist to renew my Ketipinor prescription, and also send me a text message when the prescription is renewed.

I told Sadie that now that my life has been very nice and easy for a long time, I don't find anything to "complain" about. But we still managed to have a nice talk about nice stuff.

After the appointment I met my mother, she gave me twenty euros (20 €). I bought two magic ink pens, one purple and one green, and some iced coffee.

I spent the rest of the evening drinking the aforementioned iced coffee.
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