February 7th, 2017


Sailors fighting in the dancehall

Last night it was about nine o'clock (9:00 pm) when I realized that it was too late to do anything at all; go to the gym, dress my bed in fresh sheets... I decided to put off gym and sleep on the sofa- bed.

I started weeping, not because I had anything to weep about, it was just my usual PMS that triggered some bad memories.

When I woke up today, I thought it was already three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm), but it was only quarter to noon (11:45 am).

I didn't feel like having a wash, I just took my morning medicine and dressed up.

I called my mother and told her I am coming for the Tuesday visit, she sounded as happy as she had been yesterday.

I took the bus %/¤ to Troll Mountain, which is actually my teenager home. My childhood home is on Broad Meadow.
Once at my teenager home, I drank coffee and ate cinnamon rolls, cashew nuts, and green grapes.

Later the day me and mom left at the same time, mom had to go grocery shopping. I took the bus %/! to Mole Hill.

I had received a gift card for the local supermarket, so I bought a new pink gym shirt, a cushion used for shining shoes, and some treats.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, washed all the cutlery, re- arranged my stuffs, abd then I went out to take two big plastic bags full of stuff to a charity shop, and went to the shopping mall to return bottles and buy a pouch of cocoa ingredients.

Once back home, I plugged my smartphone to the recharger, ironed a dress I am going to wear tomorrow, and warmed some tomato soup for supper.