February 10th, 2017


*seductively flips armpit hair*

My sleeping pattern has changed the way that I get up every morning at quarter to eleven o’clock (10:45 am). I got up at the same time this morning, after I had a dream about the town where my grandmother lives.

When I was dressing up, I realized that I might have as well had a morning wash, but I simply didn’t feel like I had enough spoons for it.

I replaced the towels, that’s all the housework I did in the morning.

I scrolled through my Facebook feed and Tumblr dashboard, then I called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I visit her, she said it’s alright. I left right away.
I guess that on days when I have something special to do, like going to visit my parents, or going shopping, I don’t feel like doing the morning routines properly because I already feel the need to get up and get going.

And what do you know, I met my mother at the bus stop, she was going to take the same bus as me. She had just clocked out of hair salon, and my, did she look beautiful!

We took the same bus home, once there I drank orange juice and coffee, and ate cinnamon rolls, cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes, and green grapes.

I also shaved my armpits, I have decided to start doing it. Not because I want to conform patriarchal beauty standards, but because of hygiene. I also shaved the hairs off my chin.
After shaving my armpits, I was left with a small pile of hairs that I picked off the floor and balled up, and took it to the waste bin. Now that I think about it, I could have taken a photo of it and posted it on Instagram, ha ha ha!

Later the day I had to leave and go back to my own home, because my H&O worker was going to visit me.
Once back home, she called me and told that she had gotten lost, so I went outside looking for her. Fortunately I found her at the car parking lot.

We went to my home, had a nice talk about whatever came up to my mind, and I managed to wash two weeks’ worth of dishes and iron two weeks’ worth of laundry.
She left while I was still ironing. The last things I ironed were three of my Dirndl dresses, I put them up on coat hangers and left them on the balcony overnight so they wouldn’t smell bad.

I decided to go see my mother again, I called her and she said it’s alright. I took the bus ##% to Troll Mountain, once there mom was cooking dinner.
I made some coffee, and noticed that mom was running out of milk and sugar, so I asked her if I can go buy some. She gave me twenty euros, and I left immediately.

I didn’t feel like walking on the slippery roads, so I took a bus even if the nearest grocery shop is only two stops away.
I bought two cans of milk, a bag of sugar, and a chocolate bar for myself, and took another bus back to my parents’ home.

Once back home, mom was taking out the trash. I put everything to their rightful places, ate baked salmon for dinner, made some more coffee, wrote into my diary, and later the day my dad came home from work.

It was getting late, so I decided to go back home. I kissed my mom and dad goodbye, and took the bus %/! to Mole Hill.
I went to the shopping mall for a little window shopping, looking at stationery, clothes, accessories, jewellery, and stuff I could serve at my Valentine’s day party, and stuff I could send to Schlitzie as a birthday & Valentine’s day gift.

I also visited the pharmacy to ask if my Ketipinor prescription has been renewed, not yet. I also asked how much one package of the medicine costs, and I was told it costs about less than ten euros, so I can easily afford it on my own.

Once back home, it was already eight o’clock in the evening (8:00 p.m.) so I took my evening medicine and decided not to go to the gym today. I have decided that after taking my medicine in the evenings, I won’t go outside anymore.

I took my winter coat to the balcony, and brought my mattress, pillow, and blanket inside. I am going to put fresh sheets into my bed tomorrow; I still have to hoover the bed and the mattress before putting the sheets into the bed.

I took out the trash; I have decided that from now on, no matter the weather, I will take out the biodegradable waste every evening before it starts to stink.

Tomorrow I will go to Mirette’s Valentine’s day party, I will also have a sleepover at her home. It will be awesome, having a good time with my friends, eating party treats, and then sleeping on her brand- new bunk bed!
On Sunday I will go visit my parents, and at some point I should also finally go to the gym, and finish my housework.