February 14th, 2017


I haven't gone nuts, I have gone cashews ;)

I was already awake early in the morning, but I decided to sleep until it was nine o’clock, and I called the social worker responsible for paying my bills. We talked for a moment, and then I went back to sleep.

I got up at midday, took my morning medicine, dressed up, and went back to bed.

Later the day my mother called me and told me to meet her in the train station, I went there and we took the same bus to my parents’ home.

I drank orange juice and coffee, and ate green grapes, cinnamon rolls, and cashew nuts.

Later the day my dad came home from work. I went for a walk and then I took a train home, and went to the shopping mall. I went to the stationery shop, picked some Valentine’s day cards and asked the shop assistant to put them aside for me, so I could come buy them tomorrow.
They already have Easter cards for sale; I am going to start purchasing them as well, preferably ten cards each week so I will have enough of them when Easter starts looming in the horizon.

Once back at my own home, I noticed that I wasn’t in such a good mood anymore; the delusions had started bothering me the moment I had turned back when I had gone for a walk.

I went to the gym and managed to have a proper work- out, after that I took a shower and left.

I noticed that my eyes feel weird, kind of socketed. I guess it’s because my eyelids retain so much fluid, it has been like that ever since last Xmas.

Tomorrow will be a good day, I know it; because it’s both Wednesday and the 15th day of the month, I will receive both the weekly allowance (85 €) from the social office, and the monthly allowance (90 €) from my mother.
The first thing to do is to pay my Netflix subscription and purchase a ticket to the movie Rings on Thursday, and then withdraw the rest of the money at the nearest bank, and then go buy a week’s worth of groceries and the rest of the Valentine’s day cards, and pick up the mended clothes from the dressmaker’s.
I will host a Valentine’s day party at my home, I know that Mirette, Suavecita, and Eleclya will arrive. Mirette will stay for a sleepover, because there is going to be a renovation at her apartment building on Thursday, and that’s when the water supply has been cut off.