February 15th, 2017


Late Valentine's Day party

Last night I had a dream about travelling to Manse. It was a nice dream but I wondered how am I going to afford a bus fare back to my home town, what if it starts to rain, what if I get robbed, stuff like that.
Then I had a dream about visiting my old grade school, the one where I met Suavecita in fifth grade. In the dream all the teachers cooed about how they loved little Miia who was so bright and wonderful, and it almost made me gag when I thought about how they actually loathed me and practically shat on me, my self- esteem, my future plans…

I woke up early, when it was still dark outside. I looked at my smartphone on my nightstand, it was about half past two o’clock in the morning. I turned on my right side and continued sleeping.
I had a dream where me and my friend Mirette went to a park, and I had to stab a person with a broken shard of glass to stop him from harassing us.
I woke up with a start, and for a moment everything in front of my eyes was green and purple and I saw black squiggles dancing in front of my eyes. I went to the bathroom to take a pee, and went back to bed.

The next time I woke up was at quarter past eight o’clock. I turned on my laptop, logged in to my online bank account to see if I had received money. I had, so I went back to sleep, feeling content.
I got up about two hours later, paid for my Netflix subscription for a month, and ordered a mobile ticket to the movie Rings to my smartphone. I will go see the movie tomorrow.

I took my morning medicine, dabbed basic lotion on my face, and dressed up. I took a nap, and after getting up it was midday.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over to collect the monthly allowance, she said no because she is still at some charity meeting, and she would be able to meet me in an hour.
I wondered where I could get money, and then I remembered that I had money in my bank account and could go withdraw it at the bank account.

I took a train to Hell City and visited the bank to withdraw the money, the teller was very nice to me.
Then I took a train back to Mole Hill and the bus ##% to Troll Mountain, and called my mother on the way to tell her that I am coming over.
Once at my parents’ home, mom gave me the monthly allowance, ninety euros.
I had coffee and buns with her, and I soon got bored so I left immediately. My mother asked me when am I going to go to college, and told me not to waste my money on Valentine’s day party treats, and also mentioned that my backpack smells bad.

I took the bus %/¤ to Mole Hill and went to the supermarket in the shopping mall to buy groceries; six microwaveable meals, six microwaveable soups, a cucumber, four big cartons of milk, butter, rye bread, and treats for the Valentine’s day party: coffee grounds, cocoa ingredients, raspberries, sour marshmallows, nougat pralines, soft chocolate cookies filled with raspberry jelly, and salmiakki- flavoured chocolate bites.
And oh, I also bought myself a Moomin Valley- themed coffee spoon, so I can bring it along when I got for one of urbane adventures and buy a pot of mint- chocolate pudding or some Ben & Jerry ice cream, so I don’t have to buy plastic spoons. The spoon was also in discount, and I also had enough points in my discount cards so that I got five euros discount from my purchases.
The shop assistant was very nice to me, when I fumbled with my cash and discount cards.

I also visited the stationery shop to buy the rest of the Valentine’s day cards; nineteen Finnish cards, four cards for friends outside Finland, an individual card for Perkele, and another for Schlitzie.
It was a real chore hauling the shopping bags to my home, especially when I had a terrible need to poop. I practically felt the tip of the turd peeking out of my butthole.

Once at home, I went to the bathroom to take a dump and practically felt myself lose three stones of my weight, and then I put all the groceries to the fridge, arranged the Valentine’s day titbits neatly on the kitchen counter, and started working on the Valentine’s day cards; I wrote the sender’s address, receiver’s address, greetings and signature, stuck the Priority stickers on them, and next Wednesday I will buy a huge bunch of first class postage stamps and mail them to their respective owners.
I know they will be late, but I guess my friends will still like them.

Later the day my friends came over; first Eleclya, she gave me a reddish- yellow rose and also brought some treats, then Suavecita arrived and brought lots of treats, and then Mirette who also brought treats, and then Emjuso, who looked lovely with her baby belly.

We had a good time, eating and drinking and laughing and joking, but soon I started feeling freaked out because everyone was shouting and yelling and hollering. I took three tranquillizers and then went to the bathroom to meditate.

Later the day Emjuso had to leave, then Eleclya and Suavecita. Mirette stayed at my home for a sleepover; there’s a renovation at her apartment building and the water supply has been cut off for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym, and before me and Mirette will go to Lappish Spring, I will take two bills to the social office and we will also take a couple of selfies; we have the habit of taking “friendship selfies” every time we go to the social office.
Then we will go to Lappish Spring to have a good time, and then we will go to movies to see Rings.

On Friday I will start doing the weekly housecleaning, the first thing to do is to replace the towels, take the sheets off my bed and wash them along with the week- old towels, and put the mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony for a few hours. Then I will take out the recycling, and then I will hoover and mop the visible part of the floor.
Then my H & O worker will visit me at half past one o’clock in the afternoon. I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
I will go visit Perkele in Horror Shop to bring him a Valentine’s day card, and then I will go visit my parents. In the evening I will continue doing housework.

On Saturday I will go to the gym once again, have a really sweaty work- out and then have a proper scrub- down in the shower. I will also continue doing the housework.

On Sunday I will go visit my parents, and continue doing the housework.