February 16th, 2017


The situation right now

🍏 To be honest, there are only two things that stop me from fulfilling my dreams; my poor mental health, and my poor finances.
If those things weren't an issue, I would go to night school to study as a masseuse and then as a hair stylist, so I could give free massages and hair cuts to people in need.

🍐 Right now I am playing Pokémon: RED. Now that I have done all the side quests, I am focusing on evolving my beloved pocket monsters; from Psyduck to Golduck, from Pidgeotto to Pidgeot, stuff like that. I am also going to raise my favourite pokémons to level 100; Chansey, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Jynx, Hitmonchan, Mewtwo, Mr. Mime, Lickitung, Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan... My starter, Blastoise, is already on level 90.
I managed to raise my Krabby into a Kingler, it was the 101st new Pokémon on my Pokédex. Right now I am battling Agatha of Elite Four, and I don't understand why she keeps using the Dream Eater move when my 'mons aren't asleep, and why she keeps withdrawing her Pokémons.

🍈 I bought the rest of the Valentine's day cards today, I will send them next week. Yep, they will be late, but I'm sure you will appreciate them anyway, because it's the thought that counts, right? 😆 I will send the birthday cards as usual, and on April I will send the Easter cards.

🍍 I am planning to go see the movie Moana with my friend Mirette. I will also go see T2 Trainspotting, A Cure For Wellness, Tom of Finland, and Collateral Beauty.

Hello month, goodbye month!

I am writing this entry in order to save the "goodbye (month)" tags for the future.
I am going to continue posting a "hello (month)" entry on every first day of a month at one o'clock in the morning (01:00 am), along with a "goodbye (month)" entry on the last day of every month at five minutes to midnight (11:55 pm).

EDIT: I wasn't allowed to post all twelve months of goodbyes and hellos, but I have saved them in my tags. Yay!

The situation right now

🍄 Here's something you could imagine Miia doing; when I was blogging, I noticed from my calendar that I didn't update on the sixth and seventh day, so I opened my real life paper diary, copied the entries written in cursive Finnish into my LiveJournal, and hey presto!

🌞 And here's another thing (I accidentally combined the words and wrote "anothing" 😄), I am writing this in my bathroom because I didn't want to disturb Mirette's sleep. She didn't even have to tell me about it, I just thought so. I don't mind it one bit; I can easily pour myself a glass of water when I want, and dab lip balm on my lips when the skin gets chapped.

🌵 I am planning to have an Easter party at my home in April; there will be marshmallow peeps, chocolate eggs, and jelly beans.

Here's something I don't understand...

I have met many people in my life who criticize me for things that make me happy, like wearing colourful pyjama pants in public, eating tons of chocolate, playing Pokémon: RED or looking at stuff on Pinterest; and they always sound like they are angry or sad because of it.
But why should I be ashamed of things that make me happy?

 photo if-youre-happy-and-you-know-it-thats-a-sin_zpsuu3z3ugu.jpg

Please do this

The first 6 people to comment will receive a surprise from me at some point in 2017 — anything from a book, a ticket, something home-grown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! It will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

(If you don't like surprises and would rather have something off a wishlist and/or some warning, let me know in your comment. The goal is to make you happy. Feel free to leave ideas if you don't have a wishlist!)

If you can, post this in your own journal and pay it forward. Let's do more kind and loving things for each other in 2017, without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other.

All comments are screened, so you can safely leave me an address :) Feel free to include an idea, theme, a link to a wish list, or tell me what you collect (dinosaurs, rocks, ticket stubs, etc etc etc). Also, please note you can sign up for a surprise even if you choose not to put this in your own journal. I know that can be the tricky part sometimes.

Before you die, you see the sequel

I stayed awake last night, even if I was exhausted after the Valentine’s day party.
I watched Keeping up Appearances, played Pokémon: RED, and updated my journal.

When the next morning dawned, I took my medicine, brushed my teeth, dabbed lotion on my face, dressed up, and ate a decent breakfast. I noticed that I looked very pretty.

I spent my time wrapping my dresses and skirts into rolls, and putting them neatly into my cupboard.

I don’t know why, but it took me a while to notice that my armpits smell like, well, the best word would be “rotten shit”. Fortunately Suavecita had given me a roll- on deodorant.

Me and Mirette stayed inside all day, except in the evening we went to the movies. I had convinced Mirette to come along when I go see Rings.
We took a train to Hell City, and went to the movie theater.

The movie was amazing, even if many people have said that it deserves a Golden Raspberry award, I still loved it because the “monster” is a female teenager, and she isn’t sexualised in any way.

After the movie, we took a subway to Heart Cape and went to Mirette’s home. She wanted to see Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen on her television, and she also gave me a purple magic ink pen from her own pen collection, because mine was out of ink.

We took a subway to the city center, a train to Mole Hill, and once back home I was so tired that I just took my evening medicine, changed into a nightie, and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housecleaning routine, and I will go see my mother before the HoivaOnni worker comes for a visit.
In the afternoon, me and Mirette will go visit Horror Shop to deliver a birthday card and a Valentine’s day card to Pärkele.