February 21st, 2017



Last night when I went to bed, I was feeling the usual apocalyptic angst about my existence; what is the point in living, when you are going to die anyway? But then again, I was too busy playing Pokémon: RED on PlayR.org and eating the rest of the Valentine’s day cheesecake to give a damn.

I was having an interesting dream about Roger Delgado, when my alarm clock woke me up. I snoozed for a quarter of an hour, and then I had to get up.
I took my morning medicine, washed my face, dabbed lotion on it, and dressed up. I didn’t feel like taking a shower.

I went to the health center, and knew that today was going to be a beautiful day.

I had my appointment at half past ten o’clock in the morning, which is a tad bit too early for my standards and internal clock, but nevertheless, I made it to the appointment.

I asked my doctor a few questions:
What kind of lotion should I use for my eczema?
Bemetson for the eczema, and Aqualan Plus for basic treatment. Zie also renewed those prescriptions.

Why do I keep on gnashing my teeth when I am awake?
It could have something to do with suppressed nerves, I should consult my nurse at the psychiatric center.

What kind of nutritional supplements should I use?
Vitamin D during winter, I could also start taking biotin if I wish.

Does hydro- colonic treatment actually work?
The doctor said zie is not sure, but I could give it a try.

Zie also peeked into my ears, eyes, and checked my teeth, and taught me how to check my breasts for lumps.

After the appointment, I went to the social office to drop off two bills, and then I went back home.

At noon I called my mother and asked her if she could visit me, she said it’s alright. We agreed to meet at the shopping mall at one o’clock.
I met her there, and we went shopping to the department store. She bought me a new brassiere, a roll- on deodorant, and gave me twenty euros.

We went to my home, I made some tea for her and coffee for myself. We had a good time together.

I noticed that the alarm was still stuck to my brassiere, so we had to go back to the department store to get it off.

Mom went home, and I visited Cubus. I was amazed to see that they had a new design of pyjama pants for sale, grey with panda bears and rainbows!

I went back home, and hoovered the floor including from under the furniture.
After I left, I went to Cubus again and asked the friendly shop assistant to set a pair of them pyjama pants aside, so I can come again tomorrow and purchase them.

I took a train to Hell City, went to the movie theater and bought a ticket to the movie T2 Trainspotting.
The movie was amazing, the kind that makes you laugh, cry, and feel like someone wiped their butt on your eyeballs.

After the movie I took a train back home, sent a couple of text messages, and scribbled furiously into my diary.

Once back home, I was full of energy, but not enough energy to wash the dishes or take out the recycling, so I just danced around in my underwear to Queen, wrote into my diary, and played Pokémon. My Blastoise grew to level 100, and I raised my Mankey to a Primeape. Now that I have beaten the Elite Four and captured Mewtwo, I have decided to raise my ‘mons into their evolved forms.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day; I will receive both my weekly allowance from the social office, and the monthly allowance from the social security institution.
I will go to the health center in the morning to give a blood sample, then I will go to the nearest bank to withdraw the rest of the money. I will go to Hell City and check out all the vintage thrift stores to buy new clothes.
I will purchase prescription medicine from the pharmacy, and buy a week’s worth of groceries.