February 24th, 2017


Reaktori blows my mind

Yesterday me and Mirette went to Reaktori, a winter break happening for young adults. We both had a good time there, I am going there again next winter.

We quickly visited my home to pick up some stuff, then took the bus %&= to Flux Island and then a subway to Heart Cape. It was almost midnight when we were at Mirette’s home, I was so sleepy that I practically fell on Mirette’s bunk bed and slept all the way to morning, when Minski, her social worker, came to visit. I like Minski, she is a very nice and respectful person.

It was nine o’clock in the morning when she came over, but my internal clock said it was only six o’clock in the morning. I took my meds and dressed up and fell back on the bed, and slept all the way to one o’clock in the afternoon when Minski had already left, that’s when I voluntarily got up and washed Mirette’s dishes.

We went to K- Market and bought strawberry milk and Shrovetide buns with marzipan and whipped cream (we both dislike the ones with jam), and took the bus %= to Pole, where Mirette went back to Reaktori and I took a train to Mole Hill.

Once back home, I replaced the towels, washed three loads of laundry, took the sofa- bed mattress, blankets, and pillows inside from the balcony. I hoovered the sofa- bed and the mattress, and made the bed.
Then I took my own mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony, so they will freshen up during the cold night.

When my H & O worker came for a visit, I washed the dishes and ironed the laundry, while talking to her about stuff that has recently happened in my life.
We both left at the same time, I went to see my mother. I took the bus %/! to Troll Mountain, once at my parents’ home mom gave me twenty euros. I didn’t stay long because I had plenty of stuff to do and plenty of places to be, so I hugged and kissed my mom and told her I am coming again on Sunday. We also agreed that we are going to the nearest IKEA in a month to buy me a dining table and some chairs, and that I need to wash my backpack because it’s getting stinky.

I took the bus %/¤ to Mole Hill, and went to the supermarket to buy a birthday card for Heidi, and a bottle of universal cleaning spray because I am running out of it.

Once back home, I fetched my laundry from the drying room and brought more laundry inside.

Later the day Mirette came home, she had been at Reaktori.
We went to Riikka’s home party, but we didn’t feel like staying long because there was this mentally handicapped man who kicked Riikka’s dog, and I decided to leave before he would kick me.
Riikka told me that she will walk Mirette back home once she leaves. I adore Riikka so much, she is such a good and kind person.

I went to the supermarket and bought a canister of special laundry detergent for sensitive textiles.
Once back home, I took out the trash, and washed my winter coat in the washing machine with the aforementioned detergent.
I brushed my teeth and took a proper shower, and rubbed Bemetson into my eczematic skin.

Tomorrow me and Mirette, along with other friends, will go to Heidi’s birthday party. I’m sure we will have a good time there.