March 8th, 2017


Random thoughts

🍁 I have noticed that most of the time, I am an optimistic, positive, tap- dancing ray of sunshine. And when I have my PMS, I turn into a bitter, nihilistic bitchy witch.

🌷 I am holding an Easter party at my home on April, I will invite my closest friends. I will serve chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps, and jelly beans.

🌺 I don't know why, but usually I feel most energetic at bedtime; I feel like I could read books, tidy up, go to the gym, participate in hobby groups, and live a healthier life.
And lo, in the mornings I feel like a fart. I wish there was a way to convert it, that I would feel energetic in the mornings.

🐚 I have decided to send charitable cards on card- sending holidays, like Christmas and Easter and Valentine's day. If you buy them, you support either Red Cross, or a plethora of Finnish charities, and you don't have to divest in postage stamps because the postage fee is already paid.


Daily deeds

Food intake:
🍎 Handful of cashew nuts
🍎 Half of a wheat bun
🍎 Handful of cherry tomatoes
🍎 Blackberries
🍎 An organic tomato
🍎 3 cups of dark coffee with milk and sugar
🍎 Five bottles of Frezza Mint

🎾 Walked to the train station

💱 A small box of blackberries
💱 An organic tomato
💱 A box of pantyliners
💱 Five bottles of Frezza Mint
💱 An Easter card for a friend

A greenish grey floral dress, which was later changed into a pair of ice cream cone patterned pyjama pants and a black and purple striped blouse

Today's blessings:
😍 Receiving the book I ordered from Amazon
😍 Meeting my mother
😍 Going shopping

Today's things:
💎 Hellboy comics
💎 Rose quartz jewellery
💎 Mint flavoured espresso
💎 The song "Rip her to shreds" by Blondie

Took my morning medicine at half past one o'clock in the afternoon, and my evening medicine at nine o'clock in the evening. Also took six tranquilizers.


Happy International Women's Day!

I stayed awake very late, so I guess the tranquillizers didn’t help. I had taken them because my PMS was making my everyday delusions worse.
I turned off my laptop because I want to conserve energy from now on, and then I started fiddling with my smartphone.

All of a sudden about at half past one o’clock in the morning, I started feeling sleepy.

I don’t remember what kind of dreams I had. I got up at eleven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine, put deodorant into my armpits, dressed up, and logged in to my online bank account to check my balance.

I had received money, but I also had to pay usage fees for the bank account.

I took a train to Hell City, and went to the nearest bank to withdraw the rest of the cash. There were a lot of customers before me, but when it was my turn I got to withdraw the money very quickly.
To be honest, I have been doing fine without my Visa Electron card. Nowadays I only use it for online purchases.

I took a subway to Heart Cape and went to see Mirette. We barely made it to the movie theater where we went to see Tom of Finland with Suavecita, but fortunately they showed lots of ads and trailers before the movie started.

The movie was amazingly done, but it made me sad when I thought about how homosexual males and other queer people were treated in Finland, and are still treated all over the world. But it made me happy when they showed the homosexual males dancing and partying together, I imagine that’s what Heaven looks like.

After the movie we went to the nearest stationery shop where I bought a wall calendar, and then we went to a pizzeria. I drank two small bottles of orange juice, and ate the last slice of Mirette’s mozzarella pizza. It was too greasy and tasted bland.

In the shopping mall, there was a Silent Disco where you could dance with headphones on. Everyone who tried it, was given a small backpack that contained a liquorice bar, a Nivea deodorant, and a package of

Then we went to Forum shopping center, where I visited Hennes & Mauritz to buy a new hoodie and a woollen cap. The hoodie is black with the text “Princess 91” printed on the front with pink and white letters, and the woollen cap is pink and has a canvas patch with the text “Sweetheart’s club” and a pink heart on it. I got discount for my purchases, because it was International Woman’s Day.

Then we took a subway and went to Girls’ House, there was an International Women’s Day celebration. There were lots of happy and proud girls and women around, and I wanted to hug and kiss each one.

I ate vegan chia seed pudding, and popcorn that had been warmed on a stove rather than in an oven. They both tasted scrumptious, I could eat that stuff every day!
Suavecita won a quiz about famous women, and got a LUSH Snow Fairy gift package. I was so happy and proud for her!
We took photos of each other, and had a good time.

Later the day when Girls’ House was closed for the night, me, Mirette, Suavecita, Aurelia, and Marjut left at the same time. Once at the subway station, another girl named Iida joined us.

We took a subway to Heart Cape, and went to Mirette’s home to pick up some of her stuff because she was going to spend the night at my home.

We took a subway to Mellu Hill, and I asked this English- speaking man if the bus %&= has already gone past. He said no, I said thanks. After a moment he asked us “Where do you live?” I guess he thought I was flirting with him.

In the bus, we were harassed by another dark- skinned man, who started talking about “black cock” and called us “good cocksuckers”.

Once back at my home, I had to wrestle with the internet connection, but I made it work.

Tomorrow me and Mirette will go to Lapland Spring. If I feel energetic enough, I will go to the gym and work out.