March 19th, 2017


Which reminds me

I have been so busy last week, that I haven’t found enough time to update my English or Finnish journals.
Seriously, my life is so amazing right now! I have lots of friends, I love my family, and every day is full of nice and wonderful things.

On Tuesday, I went to see the movie Swiss Army Man, the one where Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe acts as a farting zombie, a companion to a douchebag who is marooned on a deserted island.
The movie has many philosophical themes, like love, happiness, life after death, and whether it is permittable to fart in a public place.
After the movie, I hung out with Mirette and two of her friends, they were very nice and sweet people. We went to an ice cream parlor for coffees, and then we checked out our favourite clothing shops; BikBok, Hennes & Mauritz, Monki, Gina Tricot, and such.

On Wednesday, I received the weekly allowance from the social office, and the monthly allowance from my mother.
I went shopping with Mirette, I bought a new blouse from Hennes & Mauritz; it’s acrylic knitted lemon yellow and has an embroidered cherry bunch on the bosom. I also bought a butt load of clothes, a new pair of shoes, and a plastic flower brooch from the discount at our favourite vintage thrift stores; all the clothes and products cost three euros at maximum. It will be awesome next week when they have a new selection, and I will have plenty of money to spend.

On Thursday, we went to Lapland Spring. We took some photos and had a good time. I made a mental note to start taking more photos.

Friday was the most pleasant day during the week; I got up early in the morning and managed to do all the morning routines, including stretches and exercises while the breakfast porridge was setting.
I called my social worker and made an appointment on next Friday.
I went out for errands; I took a pile of books and DVDs to the library, went to the dressmaker to have three articles of clothing mended, went to the supermarket to buy two boxes of Kleenexes.
Once back home, I took a catnap. My HoivaOnni worker came to visit me, I washed the dishes and ironed the laundry while she was visiting. I told her about the appointment in the social office, she will come along.
After she left, I finished my ironing and then I took out the trash, and went to see my mother.
I forgot my diary at home, so after I was done visiting, I went home and picked it up, and then it was time to leave again.
I went to Lapland Spring, there was a theater show where two female actors, dressed as clowns, made a parody about how OCD is treated in the Finnish psychiatric healthcare system.
After the show, I shook hands with both actors and hugged them (and before hugging them, I asked them for permission) and congratulated them for such a good show.
I drank a cup of coffee and ate two cinnamon rolls. All the people were very sweet and happy.
After that, I went to a Red Cross youth group. I drank coffee, ate waffles and slices of cantaloupe melon and oranges, and chitchatted with others.

On Saturday, I went to an art museum in Helsinki, with Mirette. The main art show was about modernism, which I mistook for modern art, but it was about Finnish design after the war; chairs, vases, clothes, domestic appliances, and sculptures.
Another show was about the murals painted by Tove Jansson, and there were also paintings by Tyko Sallinen.
There was a workshop where you could make your own modernist painting by drawing overlapping circles with a lead pencil on a piece of paper, and then colouring them with a felt- tip pen. You could also design a futuristic town by gluing scraps of cardboard and cloth and paper together, I drew a Hello Kitty on a batch where others had drawn them too.
I decided to attend the workshop every Saturday.
I also enjoyed the designer shop in the museum.
In the evening, Elyseé and Emjuso visited me for tea.

My plans for Monday, March 20th - Sunday, March 26th

Monday, March 20th:
I will go to Pearl House, then to Amos Anderson, and then to Girls' House.

Tuesday, March 21st:
I will go visit my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance. I will use it to buy groceries, and pay my library fees.
I will go to the gym.
I will go to a reading group in Pearl House.
I will also finish the rest of the housework.

Wednesday, March 22nd:
I will receive the monthly allowance and the weekly allowance. I will renew my Spotify Premium and Netflix subscription.
I will go to the bank to withdraw the money, and then I will go Horror Shop to ask Perkele to fix a new piercing ring into the third hole in my right earlobe.
The rest of the money will be spent in the local supermarket; I will buy movie tickets, ink cartridges, Easter cards, and groceries.

Thursday, March 23rd:
I will go to Lapland Spring, and then to the gym.

Friday, March 24th:
I will start doing the weekly housecleaning.
My HoivaOnni worker will come visit me, I will take her to the appointment in the social office because she doesn't know where it is resided.
During the appointment, we will discuss whether we need to continue the services of HoivaOnni, and I will also ask my social worker to write me a coupon for recharging my travel card.

Saturday, March 25th:
I will go to the art group in HAM, an art museum. Then I will go to the gym.

Sunday, March 26th:
I will go visit my parents, and call my grandmother.