March 28th, 2017


Mamma betalar

I got up at half past midday, even if I didn’t feel like getting up at all because I was still feeling groggy, but I had to because today’s schedule was getting muddled.
I didn’t waste any time with morning routines. I took my morning medicine and dressed up, and dabbed lotion on my face and put deodorant into my armpits.
I received my new Visa Electron card in the mail today.

I called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I visit her and bring my bicycle. She said it’s alright but I should give her 15 minutes when she goes grocery shopping.

I scrolled through my Tumblr dashboard, and then I left. I walk- pushed my bicycle all the way to my parents’ home, so my dad can give it an annual tune- up. I left my bicycle key there.
I took along my mother’s Red Cross backpack that has reflective strips. It will serve me well until I order the Anna & Elsa backpack tomorrow.
My mother told me that she had forgotten to withdraw the money for my weekly allowance. We agreed that we are going to meet later today, and then she will give me the allowance; and I will also remember to remind her of the weekly allowance before visiting her.
I drank a cup of coffee and ate a few cinnamon rolls and cherry tomatoes.

I took a bus back home, later the day Suavecita came to visit me. We ate cinnamon rolls, the same brand I had eaten at my parents’ home, talked about stuff, and took friendship selfies.

Eleclya sent me a text message and told me that she won’t be able to go to movies today with me, because Eleclya couldn’t afford the ticket. Instead, me and Suavecita decided to go visit her today.

We went to visit my mother at the shopping mall, she gave me 20 euros and then she had to leave in a hurry. Me and Suavecita went to the candy shop where I bought a bag of tiny chocolate eggs individually wrapped in tinfoil. Then we went to the supermarket where I bought a name- day card.

Suavecita drove us to Eleclya’s home. We had coffee, ate brownies and chocolate eggs, cuddled Hipsu the dog, and had a good time. Later the day Odessa came to visit us as well.
Eleclya and Suavecita went to visit the post office, me and Odessa stayed and took Hipsu out for a walk.
Later the day me and Suavecita left at the same time when Maya came home.

I took a bus back home, and went to the supermarket to buy a new toilet brush and a big package of toilet paper. I have taken up the habit of replacing my toilet brush on the first day of every month.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, and didn’t feel like doing anything else.

It’s always the same, I feel like a piggy when I don’t do all the domestic & personal hygiene routines scrupulously.

Tomorrow I will receive money, the first thing to do is to pay for my Netflix subscription and my gym membership fee. I will order a new backpack from CDON, purchase two mobile tickets to movies, and then I will go buy a week’s worth of groceries.
I will go to movies, and then I will meet Jelly and Mirette at a café in Helsinki.