March 29th, 2017


I love my bicycle!

I got up at a little past ten o’clock in the morning, and as usual on Wednesdays, I didn’t bother with morning routines. I took my morning medicine, used deodorant and face cream, dressed up, and checked my account balance online.

I paid for my Netflix subscription, and ordered two mobile movie tickets to my smartphone.
I noticed that the Anna & Elsa backpack I had been eyeing wasn’t in discount anymore, so I decided to put off ordering it.

I went to the supermarket to buy groceries, and then I went back home.

Later the day I travelled to Helsinki, I went to the movies to see a Finnish drama comedy named Saattokeikka, I don’t know how to translate it. It’s about an African teenage boy who lives in a Finnish neighbourhood, and his neighbour, a grumpy old Finnish man. They take a road trip together and talk about stuff like relationships.

After the movie, I went to the stationery shop to buy a light blue magic ink pen.

I met Mirette in the café where we were supposed to meet. I bought orange juice, and Mirette got a coconut milkshake.

We took a subway to Mirette’s home, once there I took a shower, ate some of the pasta that Mirette had cooked for dinner, and washed Mirette’s dishes.

I took a bus to Pole, and caught a train to west. On my way I called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I collect my bicycle right away, she said it’s alright.

I got off the train and walked through my childhood landscapes to my parents’ home, once there I had coffee with my mother.
I rode my bicycle all the way back home. I felt like a bird soaring through the sky, in other words, it felt good.

Once back home, it was getting late so I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth.