April 3rd, 2017


The situation right now

I haven’t updated for a while now. My life has been pleasant as usual, but I don’t always feel like updating because I usually write my ”real life” updated in the evenings and that’s when I am a bit tired.

I have finally realized why my muscles haven’t grown despite that I go to the gym quite often; I do the movements too quickly, I have learned to do them patiently and noticed that it actually helps.
I might also take up the habit of going to a exercise group in the local gym, such as spinning or hot yoga or zumba. Something fast and fun.

And what do you know, there was a back winter last weekend. It snowed a lot and it was like January again, but the snow melted away as quickly as it had arrived, and now it’s spring again.
It’s true when they say that spring showers bring May flowers; I’m glad when it rains during spring because it melts the rest of the snow, binds the annoying street dust, and helps flowers bloom.

It will be Easter this month, I have decided not to send out any Easter cards because I didn’t prepare for it. I realized too late that I should have bought those cards with the postage fees already paid, those that raise a small amount of money to charity. Oh well, now I don’t have to wait until Halloween when it’s the next time when I’ll send holiday cards >:B
I have decided to hold an Easter party at my home on Palm Sunday, that is next Sunday. I know it’s not technically Easter, but it will be easier considering that many of my friends have plans for the Easter holidays, they might be going to visit their relatives, just like I will. So it will be easier to hold the party a bit earlier.
It won’t be an actual party, more like a get- together, where people eat Easter treats like chocolate eggs and drink coffee and stuff. I have invited my closest friends; Mirette, Suavecita, Eleclya, and those friends who live near me.