April 20th, 2017


Yay! 😃 ❤️

Thank you, my wonderful awesome beautiful amazing lovely cutie friend sweetcarolanne!
I received your Easter gift package in the mail today, and it made me so happy! 😚
I got:
🍭 Two pairs of feminist- themed ankle socks for stomping the patriarchy

🍭 This nifty metal hook fastened to a colorful wooden owl that you can nail to a wall and hang your coat, apron, etc. into it

🍭 Silver- plated pendant in the shape of a tiny white elephant with pink ears

🍭 Small felt mouse plushie

🍭 Chocolate eggs with caramel filling

🍭 Cute Easter card ^_^

I shall send your package on May 22nd, be prepared! :3

Thank you, Carol Anne!

I woke up early, but my bed felt so pleasant that I snoozed off till midday, when my mail slot clattered. I practically shot up from my bed and went to see if it was a letter from the social office, telling me that my application for income support had been accepted; it was a notification from the post office, I had received a package! I knew immediately that it was the Easter gift package from Carol Anne, the one I had anticipated for a while.

Now that I was already up on my feet, I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up, and drank the first coffee of the morning.
Soon I had to leave, I was heading to this novel reading & knitting group at the local library. I grabbed my diary, my current knitwork, and Mirette’s button- up shirt that had been mended at the dressmaker. I was going to hand it to Mirette in Lapland Spring.

I was probably the youngest attendee at the group. I knitted the quilt square and wrote into my diary while the librarian read novels, and then we discussed the reading with each other. We were served coffee, berry juice, and green grapes.
I had a really good time there, I am going to attend the next group in May.

After the group, I took a train to Helsinki and a subway to Grass Cove where I met Mirette. We walked to Lapland Cove together.
Once at Lapland Spring, we had a good time; I wrote into my diary and drank coffee, Mirette drew pictures and drank tea. We visited the art museum with Minna.

Soon I had to leave because I had to make it to the gym, I had a free- of- charge appointment with a personal trainer.

I took a subway to the city center, then a train home, and went to the post office to pick up the package.
I went back home and left the package there, and took my gym clothes along.
Once at the gym, I met the trainer. We went to his office and talked a bit and discussed my health.
I was horrified when I learned that the future classes are going to cost a lot, about thousand euros a month at maximum! More than the rent of my current apartment. I have to consult my social worker, if I tell her that the personal training is going to help my mental and physical wellbeing, I might get funding for it.

I went back home feeling a bit downcast, but pepped up when I opened the package I had received from Carol Anne; like I mentioned in my last entry, I received many wonderful gifts.

I went to the shopping mall and visited the convenience store to recharge my travel card. Then I went to the supermarket and bought a jar of Nivea Crème, I am going to keep it in my cosmetics purse.

Once back home, I still felt a bit moody and nervous and twitchy and tetchy and out of focus; I took some tranquilizers and ate a can of soup for dinner, and soon I felt better.

I find it rather peculiar that nothing bad had happened today, nothing bad at all, and I still felt a bit downcast.

Tomorrow I will receive the monthly allowance. The first thing to do is to order a ticket to a fair, then go to a library to print out the ticket.
I have an appointment with a manicurist at noon, and another appointment for hydro- colonic treatment at two o’clock. I have to do some discreet last- minute shopping before Eleclya’s vampire- themed birthday party. I will have a sleepover at her home.