April 21st, 2017


Two visits to beauty salons, and Eleclya's birthday party

This morning I had to get up at ten o’clock, even though I felt like sleeping in. But I had to go to a manicurist appointment in Helsinki at noon, they didn’t have any other times.

After getting up, I took my morning medicine, dressed up, and washed the crusty sleep out of my eyes. I didn’t bother with having a proper wash, or eating a decent breakfast, or doing some simple stretches and exercises.
Nevertheless, as it was a Friday, I took the sheets off my bed and put my blanket, pillow, and mattress to the balcony for the night, and replaced the towels.

I logged in to the online bank service, I had received the monthly allowance. I
I ordered myself a ticket to this fair in Helsinki. There will be pet animals, people’s knitwork and other handiwork, and other nice stuff that I like.

Soon I was off, I went to the nearest ATM to withdraw money.
I took a train to Martin Valley, and went to the local library to print the ticket I had ordered. I had ordered a ticket with pensioner discount because I live on pension, but I don’t have any kind of proof about being on pension. I hope that my ticket will be accepted nevertheless.

I took a train to Helsinki, then a subway, and then a tram to where the beauty salon is resided.

During the manicurist’s appointment, I was served a cup of coffee and some chocolate confections. After the appointment, my nails looked really clean and even, I was happy.
The manicurist was probably Vietnamese, like most manicurists in the metropolitan area. She spoke very bad Finnish so I just kept on saying “Yes, yes, yes”, to everything she said, in Finnish of course.

I took a bus back to the city center and then a subway to Kamppi, and went to a fancy- dress shop where I bought a small jar of this putty that is used for fastening false vampire teeth, it was kind of a birthday gift for Eleclya. There were strippers looking for body glitter, and I had a terrible need to empty my bowels before the hydro- colonic treatment.

I went to visit Kiasma, there’s the only free bathroom I can use when visiting downtown Helsinki. I flushed a real sparrow- flock, as it is called in Finland, down the toilet.

I walked to WonderSpa, where I had an appointment for hydro- colonic treatment. Fortunately I found the spa easily, it wasn’t that far away from the city center. I was there about half an hour early, but I didn’t mind.

It was a simple procure; I took off my pants, lied on my side on a table- like bed, had two tubes shoved up my butt, and swoosh went the water. The beautician discussed healthy life habits with me, while massaging my stomach.
After it was over, I was told to go to the bathroom to empty my bowels. So I did, and I hope I didn’t disturb the other customers with my horrid flatulence.
While paying the beautician, I was given a discount coupon for pedicure.

I walked back downtown, and I felt so carefree and happy. The sun shone and it was warm, and soon I started hungry. I wondered why, the beautician had told me that after the treatment I won’t feel hungry for hours. But now I felt like my stomach was howling like a hungry wolf.

I took a train back home, and went to the supermarket in the shopping mall and bought two cans of milk and a bag of salted crisps for Eleclya.

Once back home, I warmed a microwaveable meal for lunch, and put some deodorant into my armpits. That’s when Mirette arrived.

I finished my lunch, and then we had to make it to the bus to Eleclya’s home; she was hosting a vampire- themed birthday party, even if her actual birthdate is on April 30th. It’s just that her strict, uptight mother had flown to Paris for a vacation, and she had the house all for herself.

And what do you know, her ex- husband and their son had come for a surprise visit. I don’t mind the husband, he’s a cool guy, but the soon-to-be 3 years old son is extremely hyperactive, I think he has ADHD. He ran amok screaming and laughing and drooling and breaking stuff while wearing smelly diapers, and Eleclya just laughed and didn’t do a thing to stop him.

I drank two mugs of cocoa, and one coffee. Then I boarded myself into the spare bedroom that I am going share with Mirette during the following night.

Just to calm my nerves, I took Hipsu the dog for a walk around the park. He took about three very impressive dumps.

After they both left, Eleclya’s neighbor came to visit us. That’s when it turned noisy, because they blared some loud death metal and practically everyone, except me and the dog, had to scream like a banshee to be heard.
Odessa nagged about everything, Eleclya groped my breasts, and the neighbor said stuff like “A woman’s place is between a fist and a stove” while waving around his stun gun.

I stayed in the spare bedroom and surfed on the internet and wrote into my diary, and suffered in peace. I drank about three cups of coffee, and took my evening medicine.

Tomorrow I will go back to my own home, I will probably do housework and go for a bike ride. I might not make it to the discussion group, or the art workshop.

On Sunday, I will go to this cub scout jamboree that’s held next to my old grade school. I have had the habit of going there every year when I was a kid. Then I will go to the fair in Helsinki.