April 27th, 2017


Chocolate chip cookies

I had some very distressing dreams last night; in one of them, I lived in my parents’ home and my room was taken over by maggots that ate my belongings.
In another dream, I was desperately trying to make it to the omnibus to my grandmother’s home, but ended up in Clock River and then at Manse.
In yet another dream I was riding my bicycle and somehow ended up in a part of my hometown that I had never been before.

I woke up when my smartphone alarm clock rang at nine o’clock in the morning.
I called the social office and asked them to put me in contact with my social worker, but I was told that she was talking to another customer and there were plenty of people in queue. I decided to call her tomorrow.

Later my friend Elyseé called me and asked if she can come for a sleepover during the weekend, I said it’s alright.

I got up, took my morning medicine, had a wash, and dressed up. Having a wash usually consists of washing my face and dabbing lotion on it, and putting deodorant into my armpits.

I have decided to brush my teeth only once a day during day-time, because in the mornings I am too sleepy, and in the evenings I am, well, too sleepy.

I drank a cup of coffee, and then I was off.
I went to the social office to drop off a few bills.

I took the bus ¤!! to Helsinki, then a subway to Grass Cove, and walked to Lapland Cove.

Once at Lappish Spring, I drank a few cups of coffee and ate some chocolate chip cookies. I had a good time, even if there were lots of visitors talking about how they had lost their children to drugs or suicide.

Later the day I left and took a train to Stick City, and went to the municipal service point to recharge my travel card.

I took a train to Mole Hill, and went home.
I made myself dinner and a cup of coffee, did some housework, and later the day I went to the gym.
I took my old diary to the storage room, took out the trash, and mailed my grandmother’s name- day card.

Once at the gym, I managed to have a proper work- out without quitting in the middle of things. But I am still a bit confused when it comes to the technique; for example, when I lift weights, I only have a break when muscles hurt and I am out of breath. Am I supposed to have a break after every lift?

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, took my evening medicine, and soon it was time to go to bed.

Tomorrow my smartphone alarm clock will ring at nine o’clock in the morning, I need to call my social worker once again. I need to make a new appointment with her to talk about important matters concerning my finances, and I also need to ask her a few questions.
I will start doing the weekly housework; I will replace the towels, take the sheets off my bed and wash them with the towels, take my mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony, and take out the trash.
My HoivaOnni worker will visit me at quarter to noon, I will wash the dishes during the visit.
After the visit, I will go see my parents.
In the afternoon, I will go see Mirette. She will have a sleepover at my home.