May 9th, 2017


Guardians of the Galaxy

I had set my smartphone alarm clock to wake me up at eleven o’clock in the morning. I was awake early, but I felt like I couldn’t get up before my alarm clock rang. Strangely enough.

I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up, and checked the balance of my online bank account. I had received the weekly allowance, except it 59 € instead of the usual 85 €, and I had received it today instead of on Wednesday.

I paid for my Netflix and Spotify subscription, and checked one of my favourite online shops to see if the Anna & Elsa backpack was in discount. It wasn’t, so I decided to take up the habit of checking the price every time after I have received money. If I am not able to purchase it soon, I will order it on May 22nd when I receive my monthly allowance.

I drank my morning coffee, and then I called my mother and told her that I am coming over. She said it’s alright.

I went to the shopping mall to withdraw the rest of the money, then I took a bus to my parents’ home. Believe it or not, it was actually snowing! Even if it’s May.

Once at my parents’ home, my mother gave me 20 euros and complained about my pyjama pants.
I drank coffee, and ate some cinnamon rolls.

I had to leave because I was in a hurry; I took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to where Mirette lives, once at her place we packed her stuff and went to the Pearl House. She wanted to see where it was resided, and I wanted to attend the party they were holding.

Unfortunately, there was a band playing and the noise was hurting my ears. And besides, we had to make it to the movies, so we left a bit earlier.
We took a subway to the city center, then a train to Stick City, then a bus to Eleclya’s home. Once there, we left Mirette’s suitcase there and then me, Eleclya, Suavecita, and Mirette went to the local movie theater to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. It was an amazing movie, we had a good time.

After the movie, we went to Eleclya’s home. Later the day, me and Mirette took a bus to my home. And what do you know, we met Odessa on the bus!
The local supermarket was still open for fifteen minutes, so I went there to buy frozen French fries, and a small jar of Vaseline.

Once at home, I made some French fries for both of us.

I don’t know what to do tomorrow, considering that I had already received the weekly allowance and that’s usually the highlight of my Wednesdays. But then again, I guess I’ll come up with something.