May 16th, 2017


The situation right nao

Hello friends, sorry I haven't updated for a while, but my life has been a bit busy in a good way. I have plenty of hobbies and other stuff to do, I hang out with my friends and family members, and keep my home tidy.

As for the weather, the spring in southern Finland has been really cold but according to weather forecasts, it might be plus twenty- five Celsius this week.

Yesterday my mother gave me half of the monthly allowance that she usually gives me on every 15th day, which used to be her payday before she retired.
I bought food, two lightbulbs, and a new pair of underpants.

I'm glad there is another Finlayson Pop Up store set in the nearest shopping mall, it will be there until the end of August this year. I need to buy two canvas shopping bags and some bath towels.

I have been smarter with my finances; I have ceased buying clothes and jewellery and other stuff, not because I don't want it, but because I have kind of lost my interest in buying frivolity.

I wish Netflix already added seasons 1 – 4 of Doctor Who, including the tenth season with companion Bill Potts. I desperately want to see it.
I wish they didn't delete Supernatural, but I can always watch it on DVD borrowed from the library, until I drown in the feels.

My wrist eczema has resurfaced, but fortunately I still have an almost full tube of Bemetson left. Otherwise my skin is in a very good condition.
Now that summer is a-cumen in, I have to buy SPF+50 sun protection lotion. Yes, I am that white :D


I had a dream where I studied in my first high school (which has been shut down and demolished by now). I kept on cutting almost all the classes, but then my mother found out about it. Simply out of guilt, I started studying harder, even if I was severely depressed.
I had a happier dream where Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the Transformers live action movie drove me to the summer cottage, and I had a good time there.

I woke up to a horrid headache. I got up about at noon, took my morning medicine, had a wash and dressed up, and drank a cup of coffee.

I hadn’t updated yesterday, but just to let you know, I had forgotten my smartphone to Girls’ House which I usually visit on Monday. My darling cutie Mirette had brought it to her home and sent me a message on Facebook, and last night I went there to collect it.

I went to the shopping mall and visited the smartphone stand to install another SIM card, and now everything is fine again.

I went to the ATM to check out the balance of my bank account, and what do you know, I had received the weekly allowance. Except it was fifty- nine euros when usually it is eighty- five euros. Oh well, it’s better than nothing at all.

I withdraw fifty euros, and then I went to the stationery shop to buy two magic ink pens, one purple and one blue.

Then I went to the dressmaker to pick up my mended clothes (my favourite blouse that was torn at the wrists, my pink dress that had to be widened around the bodice, and a skirt that was too wide at my hips). I brought another article of clothing to be mended, my old blouse that I had given to Mirette. She wanted it to be mended into a tank top.

I went to the library, and called my mother to ask her if I can come over, she said yes. I caught a bus to my parents’ home. We had coffee and treats, and then she gave me the weekly allowance and a ball of knitting yarn so I can continue knitting the quilt squares.

Later the day I caught a bus back home.
I went to the shopping mall and bought a new pair of black Sloggi panties, and then went to shops to look for gifts that I could buy for my friends.

When I was in a jewellery shop, Suavecita called me. We agreed that we are going to have a sleepover at my home during the World Village festival.

I went back home, washed three loads of laundry, had dinner and a cup of coffee.
I decided to keep the drying rack in bathroom, so the air in my apartment wouldn’t get all damp and stuffy. I took the linen to the downstairs drying room, and made the decision to pick it up by tomorrow; the janitor tidies up the drying room every Thursday, and that’s when the drying room is supposed to be empty.

I went out for errands again. This time I returned a few library books, and noticed a sign next to the library entrance; it said that on Thursday, along with the knitting & novel- reading group, you can bring your own clothes and mend them, there are people who help you with using the sewing machine.
I thought of my clothes that needed mending, and decided to bring the ones that have small tears in them and can easily be mended by hand.
The ones that need to be mended more specifically (like the aprons that are going to be mended into skirts, and the dresses that have to be widened at the bodice) will be brought to the dressmaker.

I took a big plastic bag full of old useless stuff to a charity shop container, took a burned- out lightbulb to recycling, sent a late birthday card to Gaia and bought another birthday card for Sandy.

Once back home, I was thinking of going to the gym, but I didn’t wash my gym clothes until today and they were not dry yet.

I surfed on the internet, wrote a couple of lists, plugged my smartphone to the recharger, and took my evening medicine.

I decided that from now on, I am going to pay my bills all by myself. I don’t trust the social workers anymore.
I looked at the clothes that needed to be mended, and separated the ones that I am going to take to the library on Thursday.

Today has been a good day, apart for the headache.

Tomorrow is the usual day when I receive my weekly allowance, but considering that I have already received it and spent it, I guess I have to think up something else.
I might tidy up the bathroom from floor to ceiling, hoover and mop every square inch of the floor, iron the laundry, and take out the recycling. I also have to go downstairs to the storage room to sort out my belongings, and fetch the laundry from the downstairs drying room.
I am also going to mail Sandy’s birthday card. I might go visit my mother, if it’s okay with her.