May 21st, 2017


Kaleidoscope eyes

During the night between Friday and Saturday, I had a dream where I was sad and I was comforted by the 11th Doctor. It’s amazing how for us millennials, different TV shows and books and comics and stuff make you feel better. And the Doctor has always been a part- time lover and a full- time friend to me.

On Saturday I went to the support group for mentally challenged people, who hear voices as a part of their illness. Many support groups and hobby groups are going to go on a summer break, just when people have enough time to go there! I find it rather peculiar.

Then to the art workshop. I really like the art workshop, but I wish they came up with new subjects instead of recycling the same ones; cubistic painting, paper sculpture, dream towns in shoeboxes… instead of the workshop, I checked out the art show and practically fell in love with it!
I really should go to art museums more often, considering that I have a Museum Card and besides, there are plenty of amazing museums in the metropolitan area.

Then I went to Mirette’s home to do housework.
It was a beautiful sunny day, and I felt happy and carefree.

Once back at my own home, I hoovered my bed and mattress and dressed my bed in clean sheets. In the evening, I watched Doctor Who on Netflix, because I wanted to catch up on River Song’s timeline.

Last night I had an amazing dream where I visited Säkylä, a town in Finland, with my friend Mella. In another dream, I visited my DeviantART friend Sabath, who lived in a funny apartment house that looked like a modern art piece made by children, and my favourite actor Roger Delgado was there as well. He was wearing a pair of patterned two- piece pyjamas.

After getting up in the morning, I took my medicine and dressed up, surfed on FaceBook, and then I went to see my parents.
I called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I come for a visit, she said yes.

I took a bus to my parents’ home. My older brother was there as well, and later my dad came home.
Mom gave me 40 euros, which was the rest of the monthly allowance she gave me last Monday. She has taken up the habit of rationing the money, because she still wants to take care of her daughter’s finances, bless her.

I decided to go visit Mirette, so I walked to the station to catch a train to Helsinki. There was a PA announcement that the trains were delayed, so I had to take a bus.

On my way to Helsinki, I called my grandmother and talked with her. We decided that I am going to visit her next month; I am going to arrive on Monday, and stay till Sunday.

Once in Helsinki, I went to Cybershop and bought a new pair of sunglasses. They were in discount, I only had to pay a fiver for them.

I took a subway to Mirette’s home, and picked some of her stuff; a pair of boots, ink pens, and her diary, and a letter she had received. Then I took a bus to the hospital, her dad was visiting her as well. I gave her the stuff, watched a bit of the Finnish versus Russia ice hockey tournament, and then I left.

I took a tram to the city center and went to Forum shopping center, but what do you know, all the shops were closed because it was well past six o’clock in the evening. My oh my oh my, how time flies.

I took a train home, and went to the department store. I bought a pair of underpants, a box of coffee grounds, a ball of knitting yarn, and three packets of Band- Aids that were in discount.

Once back home, I put my new belongings to their rightful places. I washed a load of laundry, and continued knitting.

Later the evening I went back to the department store, this time I bought a bottle of eucalyptus- scented Fairy dishwashing liquid. I know it’s not as environmentally friendly as the ones sold in eco- markets, but the organic product is not always the most effective product. I will still continue using eco- friendly laundry detergent.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine, and went to bed with my knitwork, diary, laptop, and smartphone.

Tomorrow, if I am awake early enough, I will go to the health center to make an appointment for allergy tests.
I will receive the monthly allowance tomorrow. I will pay a bill, order a new backpack, and then mail a package to a friend. I should also buy food, hygiene products, and underwear, but I am not sure if I can afford them all.
Later the day I will go to the Pearl House in Pole and stay there till closing time. Then I will go to Amos Anderson art museum, and then to Girls’ House.

My plans for Monday, May 22nd - Sunday, May 28th

Monday, May 22nd:
If I am awake early enough, I will go to the health center to make an appointment for allergy tests. Then I will take two bills to the social office.
I will receive my monthly allowance. I will pay a bill, and order an Anna & Elsa backpack from, along with two books; the Swedish translation of the Jerry Spinelli book Stargirl and the Ulf Nilsson children’s book Goodbye, Mr. Muffin which tells the story of an old guinea pig who dies and goes to Heaven.
I will mail Carol Anne’s birthday & Valentine’s day & Easter package at the nearest post office, in first class so it will arrive sooner.
As for the rest of the money, I will buy food, hygiene products, and underwear, and new blankets and pillows for my sleepovers.
I will go to the Pearl House in Pole, and stay until closing time. Then I will go to Amos Anderson art museum, and then to Girls’ House.
In the evening, I will do the rest of the housework.

Tuesday, May 23rd:
I will go visit my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance. Then I will go visit another Pearl House in Heart Cape.
I will go to the contemporary art museum with Mirette and other visitors from Girls’ House. It’s a kind of a field trip.
In the evening I will go to the gym.
If there is housework left, I will finish it.

Wednesday, May 24th:
I will receive the weekly allowance. I will pay the monthly gym membership fee, and then go grocery shopping. I might go see a movie as well.

Thursday, May 25th:
It will be Ascension Day, which is a bank holiday in Finland.
I will go visit my mother, we will go to her parents’ gravesite in Helsinki and bring some flowers.
In the evening, I will go to the gym.

Friday, May 26th:
I will start doing the weekly housework; take out the recycling, replace the towels, take the sheets off my bed and wash them with the towels, and take the mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony to freshen them.
My HoivaOnni worker will visit me in the afternoon, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
I will go visit my mother.
In the evening, there will be a karaoke night in the local library.

Saturday, May 27th:
I will go to World Village festival with my friends.
It’s also one of my friend’s birthday, and my mother’s name day.
I will continue doing housework, and then go to the gym.

Sunday, May 28th:
I will go visit my parents, and call my grandmother.
I will continue doing housework.