May 30th, 2017


Daily deeds of 29052017

Food intake:
🍰 A readymade meal of salmon, kale pesto, and oven beets
🍰 Two slices of buttered rye bread
🍰 Two slices of buttered toast
🍰 Plenty of coffee with milk and sugar
🍰 Quarter pound of French fries

🌼 Cleaned my teeth in the evening
🌼 Used anti- eczema lotion in the morning
🌼 Put basic lotion on my skin twice the day
🌼 Washed my face twice

🍓 Hoovered the floor
🍓 Washed a load of laundry

Good deeds:
🍦 Searched for stuff to give to charity
🍦 Didn't yell at anyone, even if I felt awful
🍦 Picked up some trash

Counting my blessings:
☉ Being motivated to take better care of my health


Hello from Finland!

I went to sleep about at midnight, because I was too busy updating my LiveJournal blog on my smartphone.
I slept well and had nice dreams.

I woke up early, about after five o’clock in the morning. I decided to keep on sleeping.
I don’t remember the time when I got up. I took my morning medicine, had the first coffee of the morning, had a wash, and dressed up. I ate oatmeal porridge for breakfast.

To put it this way, I know that I wouldn’t feel so depressed and anxious anymore, if I took better care of my hygiene and ate regular healthy meals and exercised more often. Then again, those are the things that my depression and anxiety prevent me from doing.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over; she said she was going for a jog, and that she would call me as soon as she’s home.

I went to the shopping mall and withdrew some cash at an ATM, and then I went to the post office and mailed two cards; a birthday card for Kiera and a “Hello from Finland!” greeting card for Michi. I also bought ten first- class postage stamps.
When I was paying for my purchases, my mother called me and told me I can come over.
I got late from one bus, another bus never came, so I took another bus to my parents’ home. Once there, mom gave me the weekly allowance, and we had coffee together.

Later the day I started feeling bored, so I left and headed back to Mole Hill on a bus. I went to the department store and bought a tube of this L’Oreal aloe vera face cream, that I have seen in many YouTube ads. Here’s to hoping that it will make my skin pretty.
I also bought a purple toilet brush, a huge canister of laundry detergent, and plenty of food.
Then I went to the stationery shop and bought two magic ink pens, one green and one blackish blue.
I went home, once there I made a twenty- yard dash to the bathroom. I had an acute diarrhea, and wondered how long it would take to evacuate my bowels.
I put my shopping to their rightful places, had coffee and some snack. I wrote into my diary, and wondered what to do for the rest of the day. I was feeling kind of lost, displaced between my past and my future. Marooned on the ocean of time.

I decided to head to Girls’ House. I took a bus to Helsinki, and once in Girls’ House, I was surprised to learn that today was the day when Girls’ House is going to be closed for summer, so there was a huge party. Nevertheless, I was happy that I had arrived in time.
I ate butter tarts, green grapes, and this amazing savoury vegan cake. I drank coffee and cocoa.
There were my friends Tiana, Aurelia, and Mirette. While the others went to see a play, I stayed behind and talked with the others.
The house was full of beautiful, awesome girls and women, and I wanted to kiss and hug them all.

I left in high spirits, and went to visit a few clothing and jewellery shop, planning my summer wardrobe.

I called my grandmother and asked her if it’s okay that I come for a week- long visit on the twelfth of June. She said it’s okay; I looked for omnibus tickets on my smartphone, and noticed that I can get discount if I order them from online.

I took a bus home, and went to the department store to take a quick gander at stuff I need to buy; nighties, gifts for friends, hygiene products, stuff like that.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine and cleaned my teeth.
I spent a long time reading articles on Tardis Wikia, and sipping on coffee. Soon I started feeling depressed again; I knew I should have just done the evening routines and gone to bed.
I ate some buttered rye bread to balance my blood sugar, and then I went to bed.

Tomorrow I have to be awake early, because I will have an appointment at the psychiatric center as early as ten o’clock in the morning. It comes in handy if I wake up at half past five o’clock again.
After the appointment, I will go to Pearl House in Heart Cape, and then I will go to the gym.