June 5th, 2017


I'm looking over a four- leaf clover that I overlooked before

I slept on my sofa- bed during the night, and Mirette slept on my bed.
I got up in the morning about at 10:21, puttered around a little, and then went back to sleep on my sofa- bed.
I had a dream where I was farming four- leaf clovers to give to my friends, and one where I rummaged under my sofa- bed, the one I was sleeping on, and found this amazing slimy wine-gum candy that I ate right away. I remember eating the same candy on a cruise ship, when I was a kid.
I also had a dream about the Kiseleff house, and old building in the central Helsinki that now serves as a shopping mall of some kind.
In another dream, I was walking along the stones on the shores of Helsinki, I planned carefully where to step.
Then I had an erotic nightmare about Doctor Who, where the Simm!Master seduced River Song, and they cuckolded the 11th Doctor.

I got up, feeling like I had slept for six hours. I felt so grubby that I was in a desperate need of a long, hot shower, but I was still so sleepy that I didn't feel like up to it.
I took my morning medicine, had a quick wash, and dressed up.

Me and Mirette left immediately, we went to the nearest supermarket and bought smoothies, blue cheese ciabattas, and strawberry- vanilla Danish pastries.

We took a train to Pole City, then a bus nearer to the Pearl House. Right when we made it there, it would be open only for half an hour.
I drank coffee and surfed on the Internet on the common-room computer, while Mirette wrote into her diary and filled out crosswords.

After we left, Mirette took a few photos of the gorgeous flowers growing right next to the house.
We took a tram to the city center, and went to Amos Anderson art museum. I am absolutely, positively in love with the “Generation 2017” art show, there are works of art made by aspiring artists younger than me! Mirette snapped some photos of them as well.
I took only one photo of this ragdoll depicting Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC Sherlock scene where he is draped in a white sheet while visiting the Buckingham Palace.

After the visit, we went to the Kiseleff house because I wanted to see how the house looks like. Like I mentioned earlier, I had had a dream about it.
There was Ciao Café, mine and Mirette’s favourite café! Mirette ordered Nutella ice cream, which we shared.
I did the good deed of the day when a waiter accidentally dropped a plastic cup, I picked it up and handed it to her.

Later the day we took a subway to the city center, and then took a train to Mole Hill, and then went to Flying Tiger to buy a bottle of cocoa and a few bottles of peach- flavoured ice tea.

Once back home, I took a quick shower and gave myself a good scrubbing.

I washed the dishes, washed a load of laundry, took out the trash, and cooked supper for Mirette.

Tomorrow I will receive my weekly allowance. I will go to the supermarket and buy a week’s worth of groceries, and if I have money left after that, I will buy magic ink pens, cycling shorts, at least three extension cords, and also two plastic storage boxes.