June 8th, 2017


Back home!

I slept pretty badly last night, even if I had remembered to take my evening medicine. I had a feeling that I wanted to eat something savoury, and surf on the Internet, but I didn’t feel like disturbing my mother. Yes, like I mentioned earlier, I had had a sleepover at my parents’ home.

I had a dream where I was watching classic Doctor Who with my mother and brother. In the episode, all Gallifreyans turned into the image of the actor Peter Pratt who once acted as the Master, but heavily masked as a rotten corpse. In the dream, Daleks attacked the plains of Gallifrey and ate dead birds, and I was scared, despite that Daleks aren’t that scary.
In the dream, I also mentioned the lack of diverse characters in the aforementioned TV show’s classic episodes.

I got up about at seven o’clock in the morning (7:00 am), and went to see what my mother was up to, she was reading the newspaper. I told her I am getting up since I don’t get much sleep, she said it’s alright.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, dabbed lotion on my skin, and dressed up.
I had oatmeal porridge, coffee, and some fruits and vegetables for breakfast.

In the morning, it was all rainy and grey outside. I’m glad it rains sometimes; the air freshens and nature blooms.

My ears were still stuffed up, so I decided that once I was back at my own home, I would go to the health center to have them checked.

I had coffee, wrote into my diary, talked with my mother. I helped my mother take out the recycling.

Later the morning, about at ten o’clock (10:00 am), I decided to leave. I packed my stuff, hugged and kissed my mother goodbye, and told her I am coming again on Friday.

I took a bus back home, re-packed my suitcase, and changed my clothes.
Then I went to the health center, and had to wait for a while; there’s a lack of nurses, and lots of patients these days.

Just to spend time, I called Jipe, the parish worker, and asked him about the youth group, he said that the group is cancelled during summer, but I can still attend it in autumn. I also asked if there’s an age limit considering that I am 28 years old, and he said it’s alright, I can still attend it.
He also told me to come over on Tuesday afternoon, so I can talk to him if there is anything worrying me.

I called the dressmaker’s wife and told her that I am able to pay for the mended Dirndl dresses only on the twenty- second day of June (6/22) when I receive my welfare. I told her that I always pay my mended clothes, but it might take a while. She was very understanding, and told me that it was nice of me to call her and tell her about it.

Then Suavecita called me and told me that she was going to see Eleclya today in her new apartment. I called Mirette and asked her to come along as well. We decided that Suavecita was going to pick us both up from my home at three o’clock in the afternoon (3:00 pm).

When it was my turn, the nurse shone a small light into my ears and told me that they are completely blocked with earwax. Sheesh, am I glad it wasn’t a burst eardrum, or some nasty infection.
The nurse told me to buy ear drops from the pharmacy, and to put a few drops into each of my earholes on Saturday and Sunday, and to go visit a doctor next Monday at eleven o’clock in the morning (11:00 am) so she can pump my ears.
I chose the morning, because that way I can spend the rest of the day doing something else.

I went to the pharmacy to buy the cheapest ear drops available, and then went to the supermarket. I decided to buy nothing, because the ear drops had already taken a big bite of my cash, and I was feeling a bit morose. I bought a smoothie, and went back home.

Once there, I spent the afternoon doing a little bit of this and that. I listened to music, clipped my nails, dealt my medicine into both of my Dosetts, and did some housework.

Later the day Suavecita picked me up, we went to the shopping mall where we met Mirette. We went to the grocery shop to buy stuff; I bought salmiakki pudding, crème brulee pudding, and chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top. I also bought a carton of milk for Eleclya, and for myself I bought Karelian pies to raise my blood sugar.

Suavecita drove us to Eleclya’s home. What do you know, she wasn’t there! We had to sit in the hallway while waiting for her and Odessa.

Later they came back. We had a good time, drank coffee and ate plenty of candy. Then we went to visit Odessa’s apartment in the neighbour; it was the exact size and shape of Eleclya’s apartment, but there was more furniture.

We had a good time, and later the evening Suavecita drove me and Mirette to Stick City station. I caught a train back home, on my way there I listened to music on Spotify on my smartphone, and downloaded the Facebook app.

I noticed that listening to music made me feel better, helped me to concentrate, and like every urban woman knows, wearing headphones usually prevents creeps from flirting with you.

Once back in Mole Hill, I went to the supermarket and bought a pair of 3 mm knitting needles, my mother had recommended them for me.

I went back home, and spent the rest of the evening surfing on the Internet and listening to music.

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will visit me, and then I will go visit my mother.