June 12th, 2017


I love writing lists 😊

Things I am going to start doing, starting from this week:
🍓 Use emojis
🍓 Write into my blessing journal
🍓 Take more #oodt selfies
🍓 Update my Finnish blog

Necessities I have to purchase over the course of the year:
⭐️ 5 pairs of brasseries
⭐️ 8 pairs of nighties
⭐️ 7 pairs of cycling shorts

Linen, for me and my sleepovers:
🍇 4 proper quality pillows and 2 blankets for my sleepovers
🍇 3 pink and purple striped bath towels
🍇 2 green and white Moomin- themed bath towels for my visitors
🍇 8 duvet sets from IKEA for my sleepovers; Rosenrips, Rosenfibbla, Emmie Ruta, Solbrud, Vitaminer Hjärta, Hemlängtan, Brunkrissla, Drömland

Electric appliances:
🍋 Electrically inflatable queen- sized mattress for my sleepovers
🍋 4 extension cords
🍋 LadyShaver


It's been raining

Last night, before going to bed, I ate a full container of chocolate ice cream. Right after finishing my night- time frozen treat, I felt so depressed that I felt like bawling my lungs out.
I don’t know why, but every time I eat a low- nutritional treats in the evenings, I feel miserable. I guess it’s when I crash from a sugar rush, just like when one has a hangover after having a fun- filled night. It’s like nature’s way of punishing you for having a good time.

I don’t remember having dreams.
I awoke about at half past three o’clock in the morning. I got up, took my morning medicine, and went back to bed.

Later the morning my smartphone alarm woke me up. I dressed up and dabbed aloe vera water on my face, and then I left.

There was a pouring rain outside. I went to the health center, where the doctor pumped my ears. She also told me that tomorrow I will have an appointment with my doctor at half past nine o’clock in the morning. I know the reason behind it, but considering my limited English and the fact that I don’t want to reveal everything about my life online, I won’t mention it.
I forgot to tell the doctor about my itchy scalp and the flaky skin between my nose and my upper lip, but I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.

I took a train to Pole City, then a bus nearer to Pearl House. Once there, I offered to pop to the grocery shop to buy milk so people can have coffee. Of course, I didn’t like going to the shops when there was pouring rain, but then we had coffee.

I spent my time drinking coffee, talking with others, surfing on the Internet, and writing into my diary. I started feeling fidgety and nervous, so I downed some tranquilizers.

Later the day I started feeling hungry, so I decided to head back home for dinner.

I took a tram to the station, then a train back home. I had received a notification about a letter waiting for me in the post office.
I warmed some frozen French fries in the oven and ate them. I still felt like my blood sugar had not balanced out; I had this weird feeling that I went numb, both mentally and physically, for a split second, and felt confused.

I took a quick shower, and then I went to the post office to pick up the letter. It was the sticker I had ordered from Etsy.

Once back home, I scrubbed the toilet bowl, took the laundry off the drying racks, and made some mac ’n cheese for dinner. In the evening I took my medicine, wrote some lists, and went to bed.

I got my period today, and I didn't have the horrendous PMS I usually have! I am just doing better day after day.

Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day!
I will receive my weekly allowance; I will renew my Netflix, Spotify Premium, and Microsoft Word subscriptions, and purchase myself a DeviantART Core account for three months.
I will have a doctor’s appointment at the health center at half past nine o’clock in the morning, like I mentioned.
After that, I will go visit my mother, she will give me some money as well.
My H&O worker will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry while she is visiting me. After that, I will go to the parish, and then I will go to the youth group.