June 13th, 2017


It's still raining

I awoke early again this morning, before my smartphone alarm. I can’t remember if I had any dreams.
I got up, took my morning medicine, had a proper wash, and dressed up, and then I went to the health center. I was very sleepy, and my head felt foggy. It was still raining outside.
I was supposed to have an appointment with my doctor, but there was a note on his door that he was away today and tomorrow. A nurse came up to me and told me that my doctor is on sick leave, and I have a new appointment made on Thursday at one o’clock in the afternoon. Oh goody, now I can go back home and sleep!

I really don’t understand why all these doctor’s appointments absolutely have to be so early in the morning, when I can barely function.

I went back home and slept like a log all the way to afternoon, when my H&O worker Soya came to visit me. During the appointment, I washed the dishes and ironed the laundry while talking with her.

I had received the weekly allowance, so I renewed my Spotify Premium and Netflix subscription, and paid for a Core membership on DeviantART.

I went to see my mother; I called her and asked if I can come over, she said I can.
Me and Soya left at the same time, I hugged her and wished her a happy Midsummer.

I caught a bus to my parents’ home, my mom was there. She gave me 30 euros and the notebook that my father had brought from his vacation in the States.

I drank coffee and orange juice, and ate goat cheese and green grapes.
Later the day my dad came home from work.

I caught a bus to Walnut Hill, and went to Late Winds. Just as I knew, there was the youth group. I drank cocoa and coffee, and wrote into my diary.

I caught a bus back home, and went to the stationery shop to buy a birthday card for Ringa, “It’s a Boy!” card for Emjuso, and “Welcome to your new home!” card for Eleclya. I also bought a light blue and dark blue magic ink pen.
I went to Hennes & Mauritz to buy two gifts for Zoya, and then I went to the grocery shop to buy a jar of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Core ice cream. I was looking for Half Baked, but they didn’t have it.

I ran into Mirette on my way home, we went over to my place.
I washed two loads of laundry, took out the trash, re- arranged my storage room, tidied up my bathroom, and looked for more stuff to give away.

Tomorrow I will go to the Pearl House in Heart Cape, and then I will go to movies to see The Mummy with Mirette.