June 15th, 2017


Happy birthday, my darling mother!

I had a lovely dream where I lived in Lapland. The landscape was beautiful, snowy, sunny, and colorful, like Rosa Liksom's (who is also from Lapland) paintings.
In another dream I was Sherlock Holmes & John Watson's teenage daughter, and Jim Moriarty kidnapped me and whispered "Uncle Jim is going to take good care of you".

I got up in the morning, took my morning medicine and took a shower, and went to the shopping mall to spend time before going to see my doctor.
The doctor was late, a nurse who was passing by told me that many of the doctors are late today.

After the appointment, I went home. I put on a necklace and puttered around.
I called my mother and asked her if I can come over to collect the monthly allowance, she said yes.

I decided to walk to my parents' home, I would see beautiful landscapes, get plenty of sunshine and fresh air and exercise.

Once at my parents' home, I wished my mother a happy 67th birthday. I drank coffee, and ate goat cheese, berry pie, and cinnamon rolls.

Later the afternoon, we took the same bus to Mole Hill. She withdrew me the cash, and I spent it all on groceries. I would have wanted to buy prescribed medicine and new underwear, but I couldn't afford it.

I hauled two heavy shopping bags home, feeling a bit downcast, but also happy that now I wouldn't have to listen to my stomach grumbling for a week.

I warmed myself a meal; smashed potatoes, green peas, and a fish fillet.
Just to spend time, and put off going to the gym, I hoovered the floor and dusted my artifacts.

I went to the gym anyway. I wanted to walk on the treadmill for half an hour, but after ten minutes, I was already warmed up. I used all the exercise machines, and then I went back home.

I took my evening medicine and had a proper wash. Before going to bed, I washed the dishes.