June 19th, 2017


Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

I had a dream about the musical Starlight Express, in another dream I was studying Icelandic and in another dream, I was eating blackberries and raspberries.

I got up in the morning when my alarm clock rang, I was supposed to meet my friend Mella at noon in Helsinki.

I took my morning medicine and dressed up, and then I was off.

I took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to where we were supposed to meet. Mella was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her.

We went to an old- timey restaurant, they were playing Cole Porter’s song Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

I had five cups of coffee so I could wake myself up, and Mella had lunch.

We went for a walk in the nearby park. Mella told me that decades ago, homeless people used to flock into the park. Nowadays the park is very neat and tidy, and there are beautiful flowers blooming.

Mella went to her own home, and I went to the nearest library. It’s one of my safe spaces.

I decided to go to Pearl House. Once there, I drank coffee, chitchatted with the others, and did some face muscle exercises.

I was thinking of going to Amos Anderson art museum, but I was feeling pretty exhausted so I went to a few of my favorite clothing shops, and then I took a train back home.

Once back home, I warmed myself a microwaveable meal, drank a cup of coffee and took a power nap. After I got up, I felt refreshed and energetic.

I went to the library to return books that were already late, and then I borrowed a few other books. Then I went to a few of my favorite clothing shops in the nearby shopping mall.

Tomorrow I will receive the weekly allowance from the social office, and my mother will give me the weekly allowance and half of the monthly allowance. I need to buy magic ink pens, a pair of sunglasses, at least four different prescribed medicine, and an omnibus ticket to where my grandmother lives, I will go visit her during Midsummer.