June 20th, 2017


Another day in Paradise, bleh.

Last night I had a dream where I rode my bicycle through my hometown. It was sunny and snowy, and there was plenty of colorful street art around.
Then I woke up, and felt sad because it had been only a dream. I wished it could be true one day.
To top of it all, it was raining outside.

I took my morning medicine, threw on some clothes, and had coffee. Then I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes.

I caught a bus to my parents' home. Mom answered the door, we had coffee and then we left together.

We took a bus to Mole Hill, mom gave me 70 euros and then she went for errands.
I went to an utilities shop to buy a pair of Jim Moriarty sunglasses.

I travelled to Stick City on a train and went to the bank to withdraw 59 euros.

I had to take a bus to Hell City because the trains were late.
Once there, I went to the omnibus station and bought a ticket to Kangaskhan; I will buy an online ticket next week, because it costs only 10,00 euros but it has to be paid online.

I travelled to Myyr York on a train, and then I went to the pharmacy to buy two kinds of prescription medicine, and a pump- action bottle of basic lotion.

I went to the supermarket and bought a tube of face wash that was in discount, a bottle of shampoo that's supposed to keep my hair fresh for a longer time, a box of cocoa powder, two big cartons of milk; I wanted to buy blackberries, but every single one of the boxes they sold had at least one moldy berry. Pfft.

I went home, Mirette had returned from her own errands. I made myself dinner, washed the forks and spoons and knives, re- arranged my stuff, and packed some more stuff for the journey to my grandmother's.

I realized that I had forgotten to buy a new nightie, and I had also left the bottle of Bemetson emulsion at the pharmacy.
We left at the same time, and went to a department store where I bought a new nightie, and a pair of black tricot cycling shorts.

Suavecita called me, we agreed that me, her, and Mirette are going to have a sleepover at my home on June 30th.

Then we went to the pharmacy, Mirette waited for me while I told the pharmacist that I had forgotten the emulsion bottle there. I showed them my health insurance card and the receipt for it, and I got a complementary tube of Aqualan Plus as compensation. I was in a good mood and told the pharmacist that it's okay, we all do mistakes.

Once back home, I rubbed some of the Bemetson emulsion into my itchy scalp. Here's to hoping it will be healed in a week or two.

In the evening, I took my meds and had a wash.

Tomorrow I will have an appointment with my nurse at the psychiatric center at one o'clock in the afternoon.
After that, I will help Mirette pack her stuff and go to her own home. Then I will go to Pearl House and stay until closing time, and then I will go back home to do housework. I want my apartment to be tidy and clean when I return from my grandmother's.