June 21st, 2017


Don't let the rain come down

I had a dream about my husbando Roger Delgado, and another dream where I was looking for a medieval dress (the kind that Morgana Le Fay would wear) to wear at a Halloween party.
All too often I have dreams of planning a Halloween party, and in those dreams they usually turn into a full- blown chaos.

I didn’t feel like getting up from my bed but I had to, because I had an appointment at the psychiatric center at one o’clock in the afternoon (1:00 pm).

I had a headache, and I also had a zit on my nose. I popped the zit into oblivion, too bad my headache couldn’t be taken care of so easily.

I took my morning meds, put on deodorant, and dressed up.

Once at the psychiatric center, I got terribly self- aware of how scruffy I looked, with my nose full of crusty snot and my eyes full of crusty sleep.

My nurse was ever so nice to me, and also gave me one of her own painkillers. I love her so much, I always have amazing conversations with her. After the appointment, we agreed to meet again on the seventh of August at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Once back home, I hoovered the floor and the mattress on the sofa- bed.

Later the day I helped Mirette pack her stuff; we took a train and then a subway to her home, and by then it started raining. And my oh my, it rained a lot! I could hear the raindrops pelting against the windowsill, going ra-ta-ta-ta-ta like in that Serendipity Sisters song Don’t let the rain come down.

Fortunately the rain ceased into a drizzle, I put on my raincoat and left. I went to the local kiosk to buy a cinnamon roll.

I took a subway to downtown, and then a bus to WG, a culture center with an art museum, toy museum, clock museum, history museum… I imagined the 11th Doctor beside me, he had taken me for a date before going to ask my parents for a permit to marry me.

I took a bus back to downtown, and then a bus back home because trains were late again.
Once back home, I hoovered and mopped every single square inch of the floor, including from under the furniture.
I also washed a load of laundry, which included my bathrobe, oven mittens, and the apron I use when doing housework.

I spent the rest of the evening drinking too much water and pitying myself, I didn’t feel like going to the gym or having a wash.

Tomorrow I have to take a shower, pay for the mended clothes, pack the rest of the stuff, wash the dishes and take out the trash, and hang out with Mirette before taking the omnibus to my grandmother’s home.