June 22nd, 2017


Updating from my grandmother's home :3c

I woke up this morning with a sore head and a bad mood. I guess the sore head is because I have limited my coffee intake, and the bad mood was because of the sore head.

Nevertheless, I valiantly flung myself up from the bed, took my morning medicine, and took a shower. I used my new shampoo that is meant to keep my hair fresher for a longer time; my hair gets greasy very often because of the prescribed cortisone emulsion I use for my itchy scalp every day, and because I fiddle with my hair all too often.
I dressed into clean and neat clothes, because I wanted to look representable in front of my grandmother.

I checked my online bank account, and yep, I had received the monthly allowance. I went to the ATM machine right away and withdrew everything, and then I went to the dressmaker to pay for the mended Dirndl dresses.

I went back home, fell on my bed and tried to sleep my headache away, it didn't succeed but I had some comforting dreams.

I got up when my smartphone alarm woke me up. I packed the rest of my stuff into my wheeled suitcase, and then I left. I was heading to my grandmother's home for the Midsummer, it's an official bank holiday in Finland.

I took a bus to Helsinki, and went to Starbucks to meet Mirette. She had agreed to keep me company while I wait for the omnibus to Kangaskhan.

We sat together, I wrote into my diary, and then she left. I went aboard the bus, I noticed that most of the seats were reserved so I went to sit at the back of the bus.

On the ride to Kangaskhan, it kept on raining, and then the sun came out, and then it rained again. I saw three rainbows. The landscapes are very beautiful in the rural area.

Once at Kangaskhan, it was sunny. I hauled my suitcase to the leafy suburbs where my grandmother lives in her one- bedroom apartment.
She was happy to see me when she answered the door, she was all "There's me pretty girl!"

We had rice porridge and blueberry soup for supper, along with Karelian pies with tomato slices.

In the evening I went for a short walk in the nature. There are such breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, like in paradise.
Nevertheless, I felt a slight Creepy Moment coming on. Once back at grandmother's, my clothes felt tight and I was aware of the sound of my breathing.

I did some face and neck muscle exercises that I am going to do everyday at her home. In the evening, I took my medicine and had a proper wash. Grandmother borrowed me one of her nighties, and then I went to bed.