June 24th, 2017


My Midsummer so far

I had a dream where I was watching the movies Tank Girl and Mad Max: Fury Road, they are so much alike.
In another dream, I was in a huge, luxurious cabin with my friends Suavecita, Eleclya, and Mirette. I lost all my clothes except my underpants, and I kept on running amok trying to find my clothes while trying to avoid Eleclya who wanted to grope me.

I got up in the morning at eleven o’clock. I took my morning medicine and had a wash, and ate a decent breakfast consisting of rice porridge, blueberry soup, a Karelian pie, and a mug of cocoa.

I went for a walk, but my right- foot sneaker kept on rubbing against my heel, making it bleed and making me feel excruciating pain. Not to mention that I kept on seeing delusions and hearing voices of men harassing me, and I was afraid of getting lost so I turned back.

Once back home, I helped grandmother cook our lunch. I cooked most of it, because grandmother has arthritis in both of her hands and she cannot do much cutting or grating or peeling. I was ashamed of being so terribly clumsy, because I am not used to cooking (I am a microwave virtuoso) but grandmother said it’s alright, I can always learn to cook better.

We had lunch, salmon and beet soup and sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. I had dessert, a chocolate egg with multicolored chocolate buttons inside it.
Then we watched the “Finland 100 years” concert which was broadcasted from Estonia. I loved the song Tere Perestroika and the photos of the astoundingly beautiful Finnish nature they showed between the songs. Too bad they didn’t have the heavy metal band Lordi playing Hard Rock Hallelujah, the song that won the Eurovision contest in 2006, and was the first Finnish song to actually win it. It has been a notorious joke that Finland never wins the Eurovision contest.
On December 6th, it will be hundred years since Finland became independent, so that’s why we are celebrating.

Grandmother napped on the couch, I napped on the double bed where I sleep when I visit her. For some reason, I have been napping a lot ever since I came to visit her, including on the day when I came here, I napped instead of washing the dishes and taking out the trash.

After getting up, we had a little coffee and then we went to the sauna.

I washed my hair with the cherry blossom & mother-of-pearl shampoo I had bought last year specifically for washing my own hair when visiting my grandmother. I decided not to use soap or anything else to wash my body with, because it makes my atopic skin worse.

Then I went to the sauna, and actually felt my blood starting to circulate faster. It was a good feeling.

After sauna, I went to grandmother’s home, anointed my skin with basic lotion and the anti- eczema lotion, and put on the same clothes I had been wearing; a black long- sleeved tricot blouse, and a navy blue cotton dress with small white flowers. Grandmother stayed in the sauna because she was waiting for a neighbor with whom she usually goes to the sauna with.

I did the face and neck muscle exercises, I have been doing them once a day at my grandmother’s house, simply to alleviate my boredom. I have already noticed the effects.

After grandmother came home from sauna, she disinfected the chafe on my right heel, rubbed some Bacibact on it with a small plastic spoon, and put a Band- Aid over it.

Fortunately, the nearest supermarket is open despite Midsummer, so grandmother sent me there to buy a small can of cream, two liters of milk, and salad. It was raining a bit, but I didn’t mind.
There were two kinds of salad, I bought the locally produced because it was less muddy. I had to open the package a bit because the air inside was making it puffy, otherwise it wouldn’t have fitted in my backpack.

Once back at grandmother’s home, we watched Keeping up Appearances together. It was the episode where Hyacinth takes her neighbors for a “riparian picnic”.

I had supper with grandmother; a fried egg, buttered rye bread with tomato and cheese slices, boiled carrots and potatoes with a dab of butter, a bunch of green grapes, yesterday’s leftover pancakes, and a mug of cocoa.
We talked about religion and politics, especially Donald Trump and how un- Christian he is, despite the fact that America is supposed to follow Christian principles; take care of the sick and poor just like Jesus did, give me your huddled masses yearning to be free.

Grandmother told me that she believes in guardian angels, and that she had every one of her neighbors praying for me when I was sick with leukaemia.

In the evening, I took out the trash.

At nine o’clock in the evening, I took my medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and dabbed lotion on my skin, put on my nightie, and put a clean Band- Aid over the chafe on my heel.

I don’t have any special plans for tomorrow; I will probably work on my first novel, call my parents, go for many walks, and do the face and neck muscle exercises.