June 26th, 2017


Has anyone seen my air freshener?

Last night I had a dream where I was in some part of Helsinki, trying to find my way to the harbor so I could run along the coastline for leisure. It was a dusky wintery morning, and the sun was rising. I was wearing my granny’s nightie with my mother’s yellow raincoat and the same pair of pink and purple rubber boots I had when I was a kid, and curiously enough, I was carrying a white-and-yellow can of air freshener.
In the dream, I was desperately trudging along in the snow, and suddenly I lost my coat and boots and the air freshener, so I had to walk back and find them.

In another dream, Pokémon were real and I had to fight in my own team against an opposing team, and I attacked the trainers violently and blamed them for being Team Rocket, even if they were very good trainers and didn’t do a thing to harm me.
(Very often I have those dreams where I attack someone physically and start insulting them strongly, even if they haven’t harmed me.) Soon I realized I had been pregnant all along, and I had a miscarriage because of all the fighting. One of the trainers of the opposing team tried to comfort me, but I cursed them out.

In yet another dream I was studying in the junior high that I attended in real life.

When I woke up, I found myself thinking if I should get up or continue having more dreams, but I decided to get up.

I took my meds and had a wash. I noticed that my neck has gotten very slender, but I still have a small pouch of fat under my chin.
I put basic lotion on my skin, rubbed Bemetson on my scalp, and dressed up into a brown, embroidered pinafore, and a long- sleeved red cotton blouse with a white heart and polka-dot pattern.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal porridge with seeds.
Granny told me to iron the hem of my pinafore because it was wrinkled, and so it was. She also advised me to iron my clothes and linen on the reverse side, I will do that from now on.

I went for a long, brisk walk around the neighborhood, and then I went to the supermarket to buy a packet of AA batteries and a box of cocoa powder.

Once back at granny’s home, I took off my pinafore and hung it on a coat hanger, so it wouldn’t be wrinkled when I sit on the bed.

I put the batteries into the LadyShaver, but it still didn’t work.

I helped granny with cooking the lunch, and then I did the face muscle exercises. I noticed that my muscles are getting a bit stiff, but it might be a sign that the exercises are working.

I had lunch with granny, and then I went to the library. There was a small art show, it was so colorful and gorgeous that it blew my mind!
I borrowed a book of feminist writings, and the musical Monty Python Live (Mostly) on DVD.

Once back at granny’s, I watched the Every Sperm is Sacred scene on the DVD, did the neck muscle exercises, and helped granny with squashing the milk cartons and other packages, so they won’t take up so much space.

We had an afternoon coffee break, with lemon meringue ice cream as a special treat.

I talked with granny about religious issues, mainly Christianity. She is a believer, not a fanatic one, but she always interrupts me when talking about religious & political issues.

I read some articles on the Starlight Express Wikia, and then I had dinner with granny.

I decided that I would go home on Wednesday, because on Thursday I have the group in Lapland Spring and the sleepover in Girls’ House, and on Wednesdays, well, I do pretty much nothing at all.

It has been raining on and off today. The first weeks of summer are always the rainiest.