June 27th, 2017


I am getting better at this grown- up stuff 😊

Last night I didn’t bother brushing my teeth or having a proper wash, and I felt rotten.
It’s always the same when I do this grown- up stuff, if I fail once, I feel like I was born to be a failure.

I looked at my “Likes” page on Tumblr, I have liked so many positive and wonderful posts on Tumblr that they cheered me up.

I stayed awake with my laptop so late that my eyes started burning, and I started feeling like a zombie fart. I went to sleep.

I don’t remember what kind of dreams I had. No wait, yes I do; me and my friend Norsis found a broken ATM machine that kept on dispensing cash by handfuls. I invited my best friend Suavecita to pilfer some cash as well.

I got up at ten o’clock this morning, took my morning medicine, had a wash, and dressed up. I am getting better at this grown- up stuff.

I had muesli for breakfast so I wouldn’t have to cook oatmeal. I like all kinds of food, including muesli, but the stuff in cereal boxes is usually very high on sugar.
Meanwhile, granny had washed my clothes in the laundry and hung them in the drying room.

I went to visit the local library to return the books and DVD I had borrowed earlier, and then I went to the art museum.
There’s an art gallery in the library building, and an art museum right next to it.

In the library, there was an art show by a Finnish woman named Nonna-Niina, I don’t remember her last name. It featured colorful drawings enhanced with glitter, lace, and plastic jewellery.

In the art museum, there were plenty of kitschy art, including a small Peterbilt truck made of shiny cardboard.

Once back at granny’s home, I helped her with dusting the carpets in the kitchen and hallway.

Later the day granny went to visit a health center, I drank a couple of mugs of cocoa and just puttered around.

After granny came home, we had coffee and lemon meringue ice cream together as an afternoon treat.

I ironed my pinafores and blouses, and hung them on coat hangers in the hallway.

Before dinner, I went for a walk, or actually, went to the local kiosk and bought two cinnamon rolls and ate them. I was thinking of going for a longer walk, but it started raining so I headed back to granny’s home.

We had dinner together, and watched TV.

I had received money today, so I purchased an omnibus ticket back to Helsinki, and then I paid for the monthly membership fee for the gym.