June 29th, 2017


Sleepover at Girls' House

Usually when I have special plans for the following days, I have dreams about them; last night I had a dream about the weekend, the sleepover camp at Girls' House, Pride march, and the sleepover at my home. In the dream, every single one of them ended up with an ominous feeling that forbade a disaster.
I also had a dream where I was making love with Roger Delgado.

When I stirred in my bed, I had a strange feeling, like my body was made of plastic.
I looked at my smartphone clock, and decided to get up as it was half past eleven o'clock in the morning, and I had to be at Lappish Spring at one o'clock in the afternoon.

I took my morning medicine, put deodorant into my armpits, and dressed up. I didn't bother with having a decent wash, or eating a decent breakfast. I should, could, and would have, but didn't.
And as a cherry on top, I had a headache.

I packed my suitcase for the sleepover, and then I was off. I travelled to western Helsinki and went to Lappish Spring.
Mella welcomed me with a great big hug, and we had coffee and raspberry juice, and talked about nice and summery things. She also gave me back the book I had given to her, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.

Later the day I travelled to Girls' House, I was one of the first arrivals. Later Mirette came over as well, and we had a good time together.

When all girls had arrived, the Big Sisters laid out the rules, and then we played this funny game where we get to know each other.
We sat on Fatboy beanbag chairs in the dance hall, and we had to introduce ourselves and mention an animal that resembles us.
I chose a guinea pig, because I am a sweet and friendly, chubby and hairy little butterball, who likes munching on vegetables.
Then we played this funny game; every girl was given a deck of cards with numbers from one to six. One of the big sisters chose a card and read "If she was a Christmas dish / garden setup / famous monster, which do you believe would she be?"
For example, if Miia was a gem (brb Steven Universe vibes), would she be 1.) white gold, 2.) ruby, 3.) emerald, I don't remember all of them but I chose number 6, a pearl.
Then everyone chose the card with the appropriate number, turned it down on the floor, and everyone turned them up at the same time.

We made burritos with dinner. I was in charge of warming the wheat flapflaps in the oven, and frying the vegetable- based mince meat, and chopping the onions.
I had mine with quacamole, veggie mince, and grated cheese. I ate three of them.

My blood sugar played havoc on me. Soon I started feeling a bit weird, and when I crashed, I felt like I wanted to be alone, but at the same time I felt like I wanted to talk to someone. I felt unhappy and morose, but at the same time I felt like everything will be alright sooner than I expect.

We had all kinds of activities; face masks, manicures and pedicures, card games, and dances like Macarena and Gangnam Style.
Then we went to the ballroom again, where we played a funny game; every girl cast a dice, and whoever got the highest number, was supposed to put on a pair of boxing gloves and eat a piece from a big chocolate bar with a knife and a fork, until someone got another number six, and then it was her turn. I think that my pal Mirette was the winner because she got the most chocolate, but then we shared the chocolate.

I took my evening medicine, put on my smelly nightie, and then I went to "bed".

Tomorrow morning we will go for a walk in Helsinki at eight o'clock.
I have to be at home before noon, because that's when Suavecita will come for a quick visit. She will leave her sleepover stuff at my home, and then she has to go to the annual heavy metal music festival.
I will go visit my mother, she will give me some cash for groceries. Then I will go back home, because my HoivaOnni worker will visit me. I will wash the dishes, and iron the laundry during the visit.
I also have to scrub the toilet bowl, and take the sheets off my bed and wash them with the towels after I have replaced them, and take my mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony. In the evening, I will bring them in, hoover the mattress and bed, and dress my bed in fresh sheets. I will also take out the recycling, and scrub the toilet bowl.