July 1st, 2017


Durr hurr herp derp

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, I was at this sleepover camp at Girls’ House.

Me and Mirette slept in the same room, we stayed awake late because we were having too much fun!
I fell asleep at the small hours, and had a dream about wearing combat boots and visiting my old junior high school.

I got up before eight o’clock in the morning. I took my morning medicine, washed my face, and dabbed two kinds of lovely scented lotion on my skin, and put deodorant into my armpits.

Me and the other girls went to the nearest marketplace to a coffee stall for breakfast. I got coffee, and a cold- smoked salmon sandwich. They tasted good.

We went for a short walk. The sky was clouded up and the wind blew hard.
Once back at Girls’ House, we had a yoga session. It made me feel good, and it also made my bowels move. I took a huge dump after the session.

After tidying up our rooms, we chilled around for a while. Soon I felt like I needed to go out, it was a pleasant feeling like wanderlust, so I packed my stuff, told the other girls to take care, and left. And besides, I had to leave early, because my friend Suavecita was coming for a quick visit; she had to drop off her sleepover stuff before heading to Tuska Open Air heavy metal music festival.

I travelled back home, and went to the supermarket to buy three cartons of milk.

Once back home, I unpacked my suitcase, replaced the towels, took the sheets off my bed and washed them in the laundry with the towels, and took my mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony to freshen them. I also changed my clothes.

Suavecita came for a visit, and then my HoivaOnni worker came as well. They chitchatted with each other while I washed the dishes and ironed the laundry.
We three left at the same time. Suavecita went to the festival, the worker was going to visit the next client, and I was going to see my mother. I took out the trash at the same time.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said it’s alright. I walked to my parents’ home, mom gave me some cash and made me coffee, and then I left.

I took a bus back to Mole Hill, and went home. I picked up the chair that Mirette had left there, and started hauling it all the way to Helsinki. I took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to Heart Cape, then a bus to Mirette’s father’s home where she was staying. I was really surprised that I managed to go to a part of Helsinki that I had never been, without getting lost.
We drank some berry juice and ate cherry tomatoes, and then we collected some of her stuff and left. I had to haul the chair again, but I didn’t mind.

We took a bus to Heart Cape, and then we went to Mirette’s apartment. I left the chair there, Mirette packed her stuff for a sleepover, and then we went to return all the empty bottles and cans. There were twelve plastic bags full of those, I carried six bags and Mirette carried another six bags.
We took them to Lidl, Mirette was in charge of returning the bottles and I was in charge of looking after her suitcase. Mirette made well over 50 euros.

We took a subway to the city center, and travelled to Mole Hill on a train.
We went to the supermarket and bought food and treats.

Once back at my home, I took my evening medicine, and washed my hair.

Mirette told me that she had forgotten her Wi- Fi dongle and smartphone recharger in Riga’s home. I called her and asked if she can bring them at my home, she said yes, but not until she takes her beagle for an evening walk.
We agreed that we were going to meet in front of my staircase at eleven o’clock in the evening. She arrived there and brought the electronics in a small plastic bag.

Later the day Suavecita arrived as well, we had a good time together.

Tomorrow I will go to Pride march.