1st August 2017


Shopping spree

Last night I had plenty of dreams.

I woke up feeling like I wanted to stay asleep, and I had a headache.
I logged in to the online bank service to see if I had received money, yes I had. It didn't motivate me to get up.

I felt rotten, and when I finally tried to get up, I flopped back on my bed.

When I finally got up from my bed, I didn't bother with morning routines. I just took my morning medicine and freshened up and put on clothes; a pair of simple black trousers and a My Little Pony shirt.

About half an hour after getting up from my bed, I was in a train on my way to to east. I was going to visit a bank to withdraw the hefty amount of money I had received.

I withdrew the cash, and then I travelled to Hometown. I went home, and picked up my wheeled suitcase from the storage room.

I went to the shopping mall and visited the stationery shop. I bought four rolls of clear Scotch tape, and two of each of my favourite colours of Frixion ink pens, and 100 first class postage stamps, and 30 postage stamps worth ten cents.

Then I went to a clothing shop, and bought four brasseries.

Then I went to a pop- up shop that sells design towels and linen, I bought three pink- and- purple striped bath towels. I stuffed them all into my suitcase.

Then I went to a furniture shop, and bought a queen- sized electrically inflatable bed for my sleepovers.
When I was paying for it, my mother called me and said that she is coming to Hometown to give me the weekly allowance.
I panicked because I knew that if my mother saw me with all this stuff, she would blow a fuse and blame me for being a spendthrift.

I scurried home and left my suitcase there.
Then I went back to the shopping mall to see my mother, she gave me 30 euros.

We went to the supermarket where mt mother bought groceries. Then we waited for 20 minutes for the next bus to my parents' home.

Once there, I drank coffee and orange juice, and watched Transformers: Robots in Disguise on my Netflix app.

I felt physically strong, for some peculiar reason. Probably after all the discreet shopping.

I had dinner with my parents, and then I left.
I travelled back to Hometown, and went to the supermarket to buy four movie tickets and three packages of ankle socks for myself, and four bath towels for my sleepovers.

Once back home, I cut the price tags off the towels and washed them.
I also cut the price tags off the brasseries and socks, and put them into the laundry basket.

Then I was off for the last crusade; I took my suitcase along, and went to the supermarket to buy tons of hygiene products.

First I went to the convenience store to buy myself a a prepaid Internet connection.
Then I went to the supermarket and bought myself four nighties, and lots of hygiene products.

I was sweating profusely when I packed the hygiene products into my suitcase. I had to put the nighties into my backpack, and carry one of the laundry detergent canisters in my hand.
Fortunately l could afford all of the products.

I went back home, and by then the towels were washed. I hung them on the drying rack in the balcony.
I cut the price tags off the nighties, and put the hygiene products into their rightful places in the kitchen cupboards and drawers.

I went back to the shopping mall for the last time, and went to a utilities shop to buy two scrubbing sponges, and a box of cleaning rags. Then I went to the supermarket to buy milk, and then I went to the pharmacy to pick up three packages of Solian and six pump- action bottles of basic lotion.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry; the new nighties, brasseries, ankle socks, and the cleaning rags.

I tried to make the prepaid Internet connection work, but I didn't know how.

In the evening, I took my medicine, ate some chocolate, and went to bed.
For some reason, I felt physically exhausted, but mentally I felt very chipper.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym.