August 3rd, 2017


Woman and artichoke

I don’t remember what kind of dreams I had.
I woke up early, and got up right away. I took my morning medicine, drank coffee, surfed on the Internet on my smartphone, and then I had a wash.

I cooked oatmeal porridge for breakfast, and while waiting for it to cool down, I did the face and neck muscle exercises and some of the foot exercises.

Now that I was awake early, I decided to go to Pearl House. I travelled to Pole City, then I walked to the House. I had a good time there.

Later the day I travelled to the city center, and went to a grocery shop. I bought a box of blueberries (those that grow in bushes, they are bigger than Finnish blueberries, taste sweeter, and don’t leave stains), a box of yellow cherry tomatoes (they tasted exactly like salted crisps!), and three apricots. I have taken up the habit of eating more vegetables and fruits.

I travelled to Hometown, visited the library, and then I went home.

I had lunch and made coffee, and then I was off again. I went to the shopping mall; in front of Starbucks, there were free samples of this lovely pink raspberry frappe, with whipped cream, and pink and purple sprinkles. It tasted sweet and delicious, it was a very refreshing treat.

I have also taken up the habit of taking the discarded trolleys to the supermarket every time I see one in proximity of the shopping mall.

I went to the stationery shop and bought a card for Shaman, who has her name- day tomorrow. I also spotted a cute monkey card, and bought it for Zoya.
I also bought two cute notebooks, one with a Rebel Fox and one with a Punk Rocker Kitty on the cover.
When I went to therapy, I had promised my therapist to write my poetry into a notebook and give it to her, but I never did. Now I am going to do it, and I will also write them in another notebook and give it to Mella.

I went to the gym, and used the cross- trainer for six minutes; by then my right leg was aching, both my calf and thigh.
I went back home, and as usual after exercising, I was in a bad mood and quarrelled with my delusions.

I drank coffee, and started working on the stationery. I wrote the greeting, signature, my address and the receiver’s address on the name- day card, and put a stamp and a Priority sticker on it. I shall chuck it to the mailbox tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housework. I will take the sheets off my bed and replace the towels and wash them, and then I will take the mattress, blanket, and pillow to the balcony.
I will take out the trash, hoover the floor, and scrub the toilet bowl.
When my HoivaOnni worker comes for the weekly appointment at half past three o’clock in the afternoon, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
After the visit, I will return a book to the library, and mail Shaman’s name- day card. Then I will go visit my parents, and then I will probably go to an art museum.
In the evening, I will go to the gym again and use the cross- trainer.