8th August 2017


A bright sunny day

It bothers me how late I sleep every day. I either wake up somewhere between 1 – 5 o’clock in the morning feeling chipper, or then I sleep all the way to afternoon and still feel sleepy.
Is it because I am lazy, or because my medicine still makes me sleepy, or because I have such intriguing dreams?

On Sunday, I went to see my parents, then I went to the gym and managed to work out pretty well. Once back home, I took a shower.

I had felt the wanderlust all day, so I decided to go for an urbane adventure, even if it was getting late.

I took a bus to east, then another bus to western Helsinki, then a subway to the city center, then a bus north, and then a train back home.
I realized I had completely forgotten the PlayStation game Amnesia, even if I still remembered Silent Hill. I also decided to watch the movie Jacob’s Ladder, fortunately it’s available as a DVD in the library.

On Monday, I spent the entire day in bed. I didn’t see any reason to get up.
I got up in the afternoon to take my morning medicine, and again in the evening to take my evening medicine.

This morning I got up to take my morning medicine. I hadn’t dealt my pills into my Dosett, so I took them out of the foil packages. I also found two anti- depressants from my bathroom cabinet, I don’t know how they ended up in there.

I felt a bit woozy, because I had spent such a long time sleeping.
I logged in to my online bank account, and as I had suspected, I had not received the weekly allowance.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes.
It was a sunny, warm, and just enough breeze outside, but I decided to take a bus to my parents’ home because I was still feeling woozy.

Once at my parents’ home, my mom scolded me for eating all my dad’s cashew nuts that he eats for breakfast. I was ashamed, but I decided that next time I receive money, I will buy cashew nuts and give them to my dad.

I drank coffee and ate some treats, later the day me and mom took a bus to my home town and went to the shopping mall. Mom withdrew 40 euros for me, and then we went to the supermarket.
Mom noticed my anxiety, I was walking in a stiff manner and mumbling to myself.

I decided to leave, I hugged my mother and told her I will see her again on Friday.

I went to the social office and asked a few questions, then I made a few phone calls and visited the social security institution, and learned that my welfare had been cut off since the last day of July, and my housing allowance was cut off because I had not provided any proof of the amount of my rent being risen. I was told that they are currently handling a new application.
The reason behind it is that usually the welfare I have, “rehabilitation welfare” is allowed for one year only, and then you have to apply for it again.

I went to the dressmaker’s and picked up my mended clothes. I also went to a supermarket to buy a chocolate bar.

I also went to the library, and gave a piece of chocolate to this librarian lady who is always sweet and kind and wears colorful clothes and jewellery.

Once back home, I washed some laundry. Then it was time to go to the youth group in Late Winds. I was thinking of riding my bicycle there, but I was still feeling a bit woozy.
I travelled to Walnut Hill. We were supposed to go play minigolf, but the place wasn’t open yet.
Instead, we walked around the pond and then we went back to Late Winds.
I ate a wheat bun and a cheese roll, and drank coffee and cocoa.

Later the day I travelled to Helsinki, and went to a burger joint to buy a halloumi cheese burger; I had seen an advertisement for it on the bus stop near my parents’ home, and this time I decided to buy it because I love halloumi cheese. It tasted ever so scrumptious! The next treat I am going to try is a croissant with strawberries and mascarpone cheese.

I went to a shopping mall and visited my favorite clothing shops.
Then I went to Indian Bazaar and noticed that they have awesome fandom posters for sale.

I travelled to Hometown and visited the library.
Then I went back home, and fetched the laundry from downstairs drying room and another diary from the storage room. Then I took out the trash, washed the laundry, scrubbed the toilet bowl, washed the dishes, and scrubbed the kitchen counters and my writing desk.

In the evening, I took my evening medicine, and took a shower. I brushed my teeth and put lotion on my skin.

Tomorrow I will go to Pearl House, preferably to the one in Pole City, because there you can use the Internet. I will also go to the gym.
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