August 9th, 2017


The situation right now

🌎 I followed a Tumblr blog that's supposed to be a safe space for mentally ill people, full of validation and beautiful images. After scrolling for a while, I learned that it posts memes about how the Big Nasty Pharma corporation turns is into emotional zombies with psychiatric medication, and such. I quickly unfollowed it.

💐 I read some of my old poems, they were really angsty and morbid.

War for the planet of the Apes

I had a hard time trying to fall asleep last night, and I kept on waking up between hours in the morning. I had a dream about living in a commune, about the movie Rock 'n Rule, building sand pyramids and snow goddesses, and looking for Don Bluth movies on the online bank service.

I decided to get up early. I took my morning medicine, cleaned my teeth, had a wash, put lotion on my skin, dressed up, ate oatmeal porridge for breakfast, and then I left.

I took two discarded trolleys to the supermarket, and then I travelled to Pole City and went to Pearl House.
I drank coffee, and updated my LiveJournal.

Later the afternoon, I planned to go to movies. I decided to go see War for the Planet of the Apes.

I travelled to the city center and went to the nearest movie theater, and changed my prepaid ticket.

I loved the movie so much, I'm glad I let my friend Zoya introduce me to it.
I was always on the side of the apes. I loved the term Apecalypse.
My favorite characters were Nova, Cornelia, Maurice, and the Bad Ape, and Caesar of course.
I hope the brown stuff the monkeys flung at the guard was poop, not mud.
I qas glad that the movie had a happy ending.

After the movie, I visited a couple of clothing and jewelry shops.
I bought French fries, and then I went back home.

Tomorrow I will go to the hobby group in Lapland Spring. After that, I will go see the movie Wonder Woman.