10th August 2017


Wonder Woman and the Greatest Showman

During the night, I had some morbid dreams about Iron Lake, Kangaskhan, Clock River, and Mansester.
I had a dream where I escaped from an abusive home, and crawled across a highway with hot metal bits raining from the sky, and the cars speeding, and when I reached out my hand, I touched a venomous snake.

I woke up early, but decided to keep on sleeping because the group in Lapland Spring wouldn’t start until afternoon, and I would only get bored waiting for it. But then again, I could have done tons of things like gone to Pearl House because it was already open. Or I could have mopped the floor, worked on my novel, go see a movie.

When I finally got up from my bed at noon, I was already in a bad mood because there wasn’t a single drop of coffee in my home.
I took my morning meds, dressed up, and then I went to the Lapland Spring.
There was a buffet of marshmallows, marzipan rolls, cookies, and sandwiches. I drank coffee and ate so much treats that I got a sugar rush.
I talked with the others, and had a good time. Mella was still on vacation, she will return in a couple of weeks.

Later the day I went to movies to see Wonder Woman. First, they showed a trailer for the upcoming movie The Greatest Showman, it’s based on the story of P. T. Barnum and his circus and sideshow attractions, such as midgets, bearded ladies, and Siamese twins. I got to see the movie once it hits the theaters!

And as for the movie I went to see, I loved the strong female characters, the historical (British suffragettes and World War II) and mythological references (Greek mythology), the interesting side characters (like Diana’s mercenaries), the moral and ethical questions (it is alright to wipe out the entire human race because of a few bad humans?) and the reference to Batman movies.

After the movie, it was getting late. I travelled back home, once there I did all the evening routines, took my meds, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housework. My HoivaOnni worker will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon, after that I will go visit my parents. I might go to movies as well, I still have some prepaid tickets left.