13th August 2017


List of stuff I'm going to buy next month

🐩 A new Familon blanket & pillow

😇 Energy- efficient lightbulbs

👒 4 pink- grey- black- and white Nanso nightshirts

🍋 A pillar fan for my apartment

🐷 A tabletop fan for my bathroom

🐰 4 plastic storage boxes, 2 big ones and 2 smaller ones

🍒 4 pairs of black cycling shorts

🐞 4 extension cords

🎸 A new laundry basket

💎 At least 5 packages of coffee grounds, porridge flakes, and sugar
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Daily deeds of 13/08/2017

Food intake:
🍰 A bowl of oatmeal porridge with pumpkin🎃 sunflower🌻 and flax🌾 seeds

🍰 Two cashew nuts

🍰 A slice of a cardamom bun loaf

🍰 Sourcream & onion crisps, and au naturel crisps

🍰 A slice of mushroom🍄 cheese🧀 pot pie

🍰 Coffee with sugar and milk ☕

🍰 Two glasses of milk

🍰 A cup of green tea with honey🍯

🏸 Exercised my face, neck, hand, and foot muscles

🏸 Walked to my parents' home

Money usage:
👛 Bought a big bar of Fazer chocolate🍫

Outfit of the day:
👗 A green blouse with a white sleeveless cotton dress with Minute Maid🍊 logos on it

💍 A self- made necklace with a dozen yellow and red wooden beads on it

Hygiene routines:
🚿 In the morning I had a proper routine; took a shower, washed my face, cleaned my teeth, put lotion on my skin

🗑 Hoovered the visible part of the floor

🗑 Hoovered bed and mattress

🗑 Dressed bed in clean sheets

🗑 Washed 2 loads of laundry

🗑 Took out the trash

🗑 Scrubbed the bathroom

🗑 Wiped down the kitchen counter

Health issues:
💊 As for physical health, I have sore throat.

💊 As for mental health, I have felt mainly content and happy, but after drinking too much coffee in a noisy party, I had to take tranquillizers. They calmed me down, but also made me feel all twitchy and giggly.

Hey ya

I slept for approximately an hour last night, from half past midnight to half past one o'clock in the morning. I actually felt like I had slept for about 8 hours, I felt so chipper after waking up.

I decided to get up right away, because I didn't feel like sleeping anymore and besides, I still had plenty of stuff and things to do.

I took a shower, washed my face, dabbed lotion on my skin, cleaned my teeth, and dressed up.
After that I remembered to take my morning medicine, usually I take them as the first thing in the morning after getting up.

I ran out of oatmeal porridge flakes today, I have to buy more of them.
While waiting for my porridge to cool down, I exercised my face, neck, hand, and foot muscles.

After finishing my breakfast, I decided to take a nap to sleep off the sleep debt.
I slept sweetly and calmly for eight hours, and had a dream about Donald Duck and my friend Eleclya. I woke up feeling cheerful and content.

I started doing housework; I scrubbed the toilet bowl and wash basin in my bathroom, wiped down the reflective surface of the cabinet doors.
I washed two loads of laundry, wiped down the kitchen counter, hoovered the visible part of the floor, hoovered my bed and mattress and put clean sheets into my bed.

At noon, I decided to go visit my parents. I called my mother and asked them if I can come over, she said yes.

I took out the biowaste and household waste, and took a bag of old clothes to a charity shop container.

I decided to walk to my parents' home.
Once there, my dad answered the door and told me that mom had gone grocery shopping, and my brother was alsi visiting.

I drank coffee and orange juice, ate a couple of cashew nuts and a slice of a cardamom bun loaf.

Later the day I had to leave, I was going to visit a few friends.

I went to a supermarket to buy a big bar of chocolate, then I travelled to Eleclya's home.
Later Suavecita came over as well. They drove us to Heidi's home, they were having a small get- togethet.
We drank coffee, and took photos, and had a good time.

I had to take three chill pills to calm myself, and by then we had to leave.

We stopped by Suavecita's home to say hello to their dogs.
They drove us to Taxman, where Eleclya's adoptive mother Mallard lives. They had gone for a vacation, and Eleclya was supposed to look after the house.
By then I started feeling like I was stoned; I laughed out loud at everything, including bad memories. I don't know why, the pills have never made me feel like that.

Suavecita and Eleclya went to a supermarket to buy groceries, I stayed in the car.
Once at Mallard's house, I felt calmer. I also felt hungry, so I ate a slice of a mushroom and cheese pot pie, and four slices of rye bread with fish paste. I also ate two kinds of crisps, and three chocolate candies.

Later the evening Suavecita drove me to Stone City. On the way to Hometown, I listened to the song Hey Ya by Outkast on repeat on my Spotify app.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine and went to bed.

My plans for Monday, August 14th - Sunday, August 20th

🌷Monday, August 14th:🌷
I will go visit Pearl House, and then go to Amos Anderson art museum.
It will also be my granny's second name- day, I have to send her a text message and congratulate her.
In the evening I will go to the gym to walk on a treadmill.

🌹Tuesday, August 15th:🌹
If I receive my weekly allowance from the social office, the first thing to do is to pay my Spotify Premium and Microsoft Word subscription, recharge my travel card for two weeks, and buy groceries.
I will go visit my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance. If I have enough spoons, and the weather is fine, I will walk or ride my bicycle there.
If I haven't received the weekly allowance from the social office, I will go to the parish to ask for a coupon for groceries.
In the afternoon, I will go to the Late Winds youth group. In the evening, I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill.

🍀Wednesday, August 16th:🍀
I will go to a bread line in the local prayer center, and perhaps go see the movie Spider- Man: Homecoming. In the evening, I will go to the gym to work out.

🌻Thursday, August 17th:🌻
I will go to Lapland Spring, and visit a museum. In the evening, I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill.

🌼Friday, August 18th:🌼
I will start doing the weekly housework.
My HoivaOnni worker will come for the weekly appointment at quarter past noon.
After the appointment, I will go visit my parents. If the weather is fine and I have enough spoons, I will walk to my parents' home.
After that, I will go to a museum, and then I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill for an hour.

🌸Saturday, August 19th:🌸
I will continue doing housework, go to an art museum, and then to a gym to work out.

🌺Sunday, August 20th:🌺
I will go visit my parents. If the weather is alright and I have enough spoons, I will walk there.
My mother will give me half of the weekly allowance.
After the visit, I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill.