August 22nd, 2017


Shopping for gifts

I am recovering from my cold. I still have a snotty nose and I cough a lot and my throat feels weird, but I feel better than last week.

I have, once again, taken up the habit of eating too much chocolate. Once I am cured from this flu, I will compensate it by going to the gym to work out every Wednesday and Saturday, and go to the same gym every evening to walk on the treadmill for an hour. I might also start going to the swimming pool; about a year earlier I had given up swimming, because I only managed to swim for about one or two times to end and back, and by then I was achy and tired and it made me grumpy. Now that I am physically and mentally better and healthier and fitter, I might renew my membership again.

I would love eating more fruits and vegetables, whether fresh, canned, frozen, or dried, but I cannot afford them. Here where I live, vegetables and fruits alike are very expensive.

I had planned to go to Pearl House on Monday, but I was having such intriguing dreams that I slept all the way to six o’clock in the evening. I got up to take my morning medicine, drink coffee, put on a fresh nightshirt, and go back to bed after taking my evening medicine.

Today I slept all the way to noon, because I was still having interesting dreams.
I got up, took my morning medicine, put on clothes, drank coffee, and logged in to my online bank account to see if I had received the monthly allowance. Yes I had, but I still hadn’t received my weekly allowance from the social office. Here’s to hoping I will start receiving it next month.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, they said it’s alright.
I travelled to my parents’ home, once there I had coffee and buns with my mother, and used their laptop to pay for my Spotify Premium and Microsoft Word subscription. I also ordered two necklaces from; one with a piece of green glass that has been found from an ocean, and an Overwatch necklace with a Junkrat theme; a fiery yellow “diamond” and a hand grenade- shaped silver- plated pendant.

Me and mom walked to Hometown, where mom withdrew cash and gave me the weekly allowance.

I went to the stationery shop and bought a roll of packing tape that I can use to fasten pictures on the walls. Then I went to the supermarket and bought two big bars of chocolate, a toilet brush, a pair of rubber gloves for washing the dishes and another pair for housecleaning.
I also bought a gift for Zoya, and a visited Flying Tiger to buy them another gift (I almost wrote “gif” on both times because I am used to pronounce it with a silent T!)

I went back home, put everything to their rightful places, and ate some chocolate.

Later the day I travelled to the youth group in Late Winds, I had a good time there. My friend, a counsellor from Pearl House, called me. I must visit that place soon.

Later the day I travelled to Helsinki, and went to a jewellery shop where I bought a gift for Zoya and a necklace for myself.

I went to an eco- market and bought two Humble Brush toothbrushes and two vegan sausages for a snack.

I travelled back to Hometown, and went to a clothing shop to buy two gifts for Zoya.

Once back home, I wrapped up the gifts. I ran out of those stickers where you write the receiver’s name and stick them on the gift package. They were actually meant for jam jars and other packages where you store food, I might start buying those gift tags made from carton.

I took out the recycling, and washed a duvet cover. I took it to the downstairs drying room and fetched last weekend’s laundry at the same time.
I should do more housework every day, not only on weekends.

I wonder why I feel so speedy and manic and angry. My period is over for this month, but it might be my blood sugar.

I set my alarm clock to ring at six o’clock tomorrow morning. I really cannot predict if I will be awake that early, but I hope I will.
I need to go to the health center and talk to a nurse about my health; I have to book an appointment for allergy tests (I have allergy symptoms all around the year, and I don’t know why), blood tests (I want to find out if I have diabetes or hypoglycaemia or if there’s something wrong with my thyroid gland), dental health (I want to book an annual appointment with a dentist), and burning fat and losing weight (because I want to, not because I have to).
Then I will go to the social security institution to apply for income support for the next month.
Then I will go to Pearl House, and I have to be home by three o’clock in the afternoon because Eleclya will come for a visit.