August 27th, 2017


Tell me I asked for it.

I spent the entire Saturday sleeping, simply because I saw no reason in getting up because I had nothing special to do. Not even coffee motivated me to get up. It was sad, really.
I had plenty of weird dreams.

I got up on Sunday, took my morning medicine and freshened up, dressed up and drank coffee. Then I decided to get out of my comfort zone and head to a library in downtown, because I wanted to update my blogs. By getting out of my comfort zone, I mean that I felt like I wanted to stay inside my comfy and warm apartment all day, but I really didn’t feel like spending all day inside.

I had to rely on libraries to use a computer, because my laptop is pretty much useless by now, I cannot use it to surf on the Internet because, like I mentioned earlier, my broadband connection was cut off because my social worker didn’t pay my broadband bills like she was supposed to.
And besides, I have to be connected to the Internet in order to renew my Microsoft Word subscription, and considering that it isn’t connected to the Internet, well, I cannot even use it to write.

I travelled to downtown and went to the nearest library. I told the librarian that I wanted to book a computer, and they told me that the next one is available at four o’clock in the afternoon, so I went to a supermarket and bought myself a Magnum Double Caramel ice cream just to spend time.

I was enjoying my ice cream and flipping through a postcard rack next to the library, when this elderly black man asked me in a flirty voice if I speak English. I walked away, and that’s when this middle- aged black man blew me a kiss.

I decided to give up using the computer, because I was feeling pretty shaky and like I was about to faint.

I went to a shopping center to look for new clothes and jewellery, and when I was standing on the escalator, this youngish black man asked me how am I doing and if everything is okay. I didn’t answer, and he just walked away without saying a word.

I decided to head back home, I was completely defeated. I called my mother on the way to Hometown and asked her if I can come over, she said it’s alright.

Once at a bus stop, I was grooming myself, combing my hair and dabbing Nivea Crème on my face, when this Indian man told me that I am already beautiful enough. I paid no attention to him, so he went on to bother an elderly woman and kissed her shoe.

Once at my parents’ home, mom paid for my Museum Card because she knows how important it is to me. Then she said that I am addicted to keeping a diary.

Later the day I travelled back home, feeling a bit down in the dumps. I called my grandmother and talked with her, like I do every Sunday. She never fails to cheer me up, I love her so much.

Tomorrow I will go to the Pearl House in Pole City, then I will go to movies to see Spider- Man: Homecoming. After that, I will go to AmAn art museum. In the evening, I will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for an hour.