September 6th, 2017


Musicals and stuff

Last night I had a dream where I was watching the tenth season of the Doctor Who reboot. The twelfth Doctor was acting pretty much as goofy as his tenth or eleventh regeneration.
In another dream, I was visiting a party that was held in the basement of an apartment house during a night in Walnut Hill. My avec was my favourite Team Fortress 2 character Tavish Degroot, I said to him “I surely do hope they are serving refreshments, my blood sugar level demands me to put something in my mouth”.

I got up a little before ten o’clock in the morning, and went to the bathroom to take a pee. Then I went back to bed and slept past noon. I felt strangely calm and content and slept very sweetly.

Later the day I got up, took my morning medicine, had a proper wash, dressed up, and did the face and neck muscle exercises. Then I headed to the gym.

I walked through the shopping mall, on my way there this person asked me if I wanted to take part in taste- testing session. I said it’s alright.
I tasted several dairy- free yoghurts and cocoa and graded them, I was given a choice for a prize and I picked two Fazer chocolate bars with whole hazelnuts.

I went to the gym but I didn’t stay long, I used some of the gym equipment and then I went back home.

I did some housework and arranged my stuff, and then it was time to head to Helsinki because I was going to a knitting group in Rock City library.

On the train to Helsinki, there was this young man who passed out because he was drunk. An ambulance picked him up at the central railway station.

I decided to walk to Rock City, it wasn’t that far away.
Once there, I decided not to take part in the knitting group, instead I updated my blogs on a common computer.

I received two letters in the mail today; one was a bill for the unpaid broadband bills that my social worker was supposed to pay, one was for half of the last month’s rent that I am going to pay back 100 euros a month. And if I want my library privileges back, I need to pay for the Doctor Who DVD that I had lost when it was in my possession.
I also need to buy tickets for the musicals I am going to go see this year; Cats, Pippi Longstocking, Cirque Du Soleil, and a Finnish musical named Myrskyluodon Maija that I am going to go see with Riga.
Don’t worry about me, I can somehow afford all of them, but I need to stop shopping for notebooks and dresses. Those musicals are one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I need to grab it while I can.
Tomorrow I will go to movies with Suavecita, we will go see Annabelle – Creation. After that, I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill for an hour.